Cross Snack Ideas

The cross is the main symbol of the Christian religion. It symbolizes how Jesus died and rose for us and saved us from all of our sins! The cross is a great symbol and lends itself to tons of great crafts for kids for Sunday school, at home, during Easter, or anytime! So let’s check out these fun cross shaped snacks and food ideas for kids.


I’m going to start with some things you can easily make with cross shaped molds, but I have tons of ideas that don’t require them as well. So if you don’t have any cross shaped tools or don’t want any, just scroll down a bit. 

Using Cross Shaped Molds

Usually, I avoid having a lot of very specific kitchen trinkets, including having hoards of cookie cutters, and I work hard not to share too many ideas here that require specific supplies as not everyone has them. However, because the cross shape is so versatile, I would totally recommend having some cross shaped molds in your home!

Cross Shaped Cake Pan

I have one that I picked up at Goodwill years ago, but you can purchase a similar one here. There are so many occasions where a cross shaped cake would be absolutely perfect including Easter, Baptisms, First Communion, the feast of the Exaltation of the Cross, any religious milestone, anytime during Lent, or just because on Sundays! You can also use cake pans so mold stepping stones! So I think you will find a cross shaped cake pan handy!

Cross Shaped Cookie Cutter

This is also a great staple to have around your house! Not only can this be used for the obvious baking cookies, but there are so many foods that can be cut out with cookie cutters including sandwiches, cheese, pancakes, rice krispy treats, and pie decorating. Also, there are several crafts that utilize cookie cutters such as melt them yourself sun catchers, cookie cutter stamping, melting candy, and cutting out salt dough. So the possibilities with your cross shaped cookie cutter are endless! 

Here is a basic pack of cross cookie cutters that comes with 3 different sizes. Super versatile and affordable.

Cross Shaped Candy Mold

I don’t know if you have any of these candy molds, but they’re pretty cool! They’re meant for melting white chocolate or candy melts and creating your own little candies. You can also fill them with regular chocolate, hard candy, gummy candy, butter, ice, and fondant. They can also be used with non edibles such as play doh, air dry clay, plaster of paris, wax, soap, and more! 

Here is a basic cross candy mold.

cross shaped pan, cookie cutter, and candy mold 

Now we are going to move onto some cross shaped food ideas that don’t require any molds at all!

Cross Shaped Sweets

Did you know you can make your very own cross loli pops out of Jolly Ranchers?! This is so fun and sure to please the kids.

Check out this absolutely adorable cross snack for kids from PreKinders! Not only is this cute and colorful, but she has directions for kids to assemble their own. What a great idea!

In my Easter candy centerpiece diy, I show you step by step how to create an easy cross from a standard candy bar. 

I Am Baker shares some very simple directions on how to make your own cross cupcake toppers without any cross mold at all. I love the final result of these!

These pretzel rod crosses from B4 And Afters are not as complicated as they look! She shares step by step directions for creating your own, including how to make the flowers! If you didn’t want to pipe flowers, these could certainly be topped with some sprinkles instead. 


These absolutely fabulous stained glass cross shaped cookies from Down Redbud Drive are sure to wow kids and adults alike! She share a really great picture tutorial to make your own step by step. 

These adorable cupcakes with a cross on the top come from Blessed Beyond A Doubt. She shares directions on making your own from start to finish.

If you’re in the mood for something a little more complex, check out these paint them yourself cross cookies! I know kids would love choosing their own colors, making this not only a snack but also a craft! Super awesome idea from The Partiologist, and she includes great directions to make your own.

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These rice krispy treat crosses from Domestic Femme are easy, simple, and a super cute cross treat for kids!

These easy marshmallow cross pops come from 365 Days Of Pinterest.

This cute and simple cross snack for kids comes from Ministry 2 Kids. So simple and sure to be a crowd pleaser for kids! There are tons of simple ideas on this site for simple and cute Bible themed snacks for kids, so definitely check it out!

If you don’t have a cross cake pan, here is a template of how to cut your own cross shaped cake without any waste!


Healthy Cross Food Options

You can use basically any combination of vegetables to arrange a beautiful cross fruit or vegetable tray! Just make sure you have some contrasting colors so you can really see the cross. Here are a few examples.

Down Redbud Drive has some excellent directions for assembling your own cross veggie tray!

And check out this cross fruit tray!

Happier Than A Pig In Mud shares a step by step picture tutorial on how to make carrots into crosses and serve them in deviled eggs. What a great idea! 

Even More Edible Cross Ideas

For a classic, why not try this hot cross buns recipe?

Make Easy Cross Snacks Without Shopping

There are so many things that could be easily made into a cute cross shaped snack just as easily as the pretzel rods! If it’s sweet, you can use melted chocolate or icing to connect the pieces. If it’s a salty treat, you can use peanut butter or cream cheese for the glue. You also wouldn’t have to “glue” the crosses together at all! They can just lay flat on your child’s plate. Thing chartreuse board or bento box! 

(These simple pretzel rod crosses are from our Lenten symbolic Good Friday lunch)

Now let’s think… what is nice and straight and lends itself to an easy cross treat?

  • Almost any candy bar, including pieces of Hershey’s normal chocolate bar
  • Wafer cookies
  • Twizzlers
  • Pirouline cookies
  • Veggie sticks (such as carrots or celery)
  • Hot dogs
  • Granola bars

I also have a post about making these very simple pretzel rod crosses for kids, which can easily stand up in their sandwich for lunch.

You can find all of my cross crafts for kids here. Tons of ideas for all ages!

And if you’re looking to celebrate the feast of the Exaltation of the Cross, I have tons of resources on that as well!



  1. Thank you so much for sharing my chocolate covered cross pretzels!