Celebrating St. Valentine’s Day With Catholic Kids

As Catholics, we all know that “Valentine’s day” wasn’t invented by the greeting card or chocolate selling companies- it’s the Catholic feast day of Saint Valentine! The feast of St. Valentine falls each year on February 14. Saint Valentine is the patron Saint of lovers, bee keepers, and couples. Here are some fun activities for celebrating St. Valentine’s feast day with your Catholic kids.


St. Valentine’s Day Crafts

This printable Saint Valentine craft is fun and easy to make and is included in my Saint Valentine pack download  for Catholic kids that comes with several awesome Saint Valentine printables.

Make a St. Valentine paper bag puppet– my kids love these! I don’t fully understand children’s fascination with paper bag puppets, but they sure do have a good time with them!



Make heart shaped pipe cleaner rosaries– this is super cheap and easy, making it the perfect class for a classroom or large group of children. 

sacred immaculate heart rosary

Try this Valentine’s day countdown– 1 Love Scripture verse to read each day counting to the feast of St. Valentine! It’s so great when kids can see how much longer they are waiting for a feast day, and also a fun way to sneak a little bible reading into daily life with them. 

scripture valentine's day craft for kids- bible verse on heart

NEW!!! How To Draw St. Valentine. A super fun step by step FREE how to draw video. 🙂 Now your kids will know exactly who this feast day is actually about, and can add Saint Valentine to their cards, etc. 

Here’s a fun Scripture verse Valentine that gets painted with Q-tips. This is a perfect craft for preschool, although children of all ages can enjoy this!

scripture valentine's day craft for kids- bible verse on heart

Try this “Open the Eyes of My Heart” craft. Another craft that is great for preschoolers!

open the eyes of my heart craft- religious valentine's craft for kids

Make a John 3:16 Valentine craft. I modified this one to fit the Catholic translated scripture from this verse. I really think these come out to be adorable. 

john 3-16 Valentine

Make decoder Valentines– so fun, especially for older kids and boys. This one seems really magical and can make like a detective kind of game. 

Decoder Valentine Project

Make your own “perfect pairings” Valentines. These Scripture verses go with punny candy. So for each scripture verse, I have paired it with a fun St. Valentine’s treat that can go with the food! 


Printable Valentines For Catholic Kids

These Saint Valentine Valentines and prayer cards for Catholic kids are available in my St. Valentine pack for kids! This whole pack is full of St. Valentine fun, and I hope your family enjoys it. 

Free printable Valentines that actually say Happy Saint Valentine’s day, rather than not acknowledging Valentine as a Saint.


Also, check out these Free printable Scripture verse Valentines. These are the scripture verses that pair with certain Valentine’s day treats with fun puns!

bible verse valentines 1

St. Valentine’s Day Snacks And Treats

Easily transform canned cinnamon rolls into heart rolls. This is a really fun St. Valentine’s day treat for breakfast! 


Easy to make strawberry milk with sugar rimmed glass– a huge hit with kids! It also doesn’t involve any cooking or advanced kitchen skills and is a real crowd pleaser. 

valentine breakfast

Try these Sacred and Immaculate heart “play-doh” cookies– fyi, totally edible. 🙂 These are fun to make and a colorful treat for this feast day.

sacred and immaculate heart cookies

The perfect way to eat any of your treats is with a simple Saint Valentine themed tea party. We love throwing these little liturgical teas!

Here are some ideas for cute, but healthier alternatives to Valentine’s day snacks.

Healthy Snack for St. Valentine's Day

This is my recipe for my absolute favorite cookies, and for Valentine’s day we like to make them red and white to symbolize Saint Valentine’s martyrdom. Find our Saint Valentine’s Day cookies here

H is for Heart” cookies to go with our Alphabet Snacks, and are a perfect treat for kids to decorate themselves for St. Valentine’s day. 

heart cookies for Saint Valentine's day

My strawberry sandwich cupcakes would also be absolutely perfect for the feast day of St. Valentine. Again, white and red to symbolize his martyrdom, and these cupcakes are so pretty with absolutely no decorating skills needed!

Sacred And Immaculate Hearts For Valentine’s Day

I love the idea of honoring the Sacred and Immaculate hearts of Jesus and Mary for St. Valentine’s day! I have one easy to navigate page where you can find all of my Sacred and Immaculate heart ideas for kids, so you should definitely check that out!

I also have a free video showing kids step by step how to draw the Sacred and Immaculate hearts that would be absolutely perfect for Valentine’s day cards or notes! 

Jesus Loves Me

I’ve seen a lot of people doing “Jesus Loves Me” stuff for Valentine’s day- another great idea! Here are some of my posts from the past.

Jesus Loves Me CD box “frame”- free to print!

jesus loves me bible craft

Jesus <3’s me shirt– this could also be done on paper.


Also, be sure to check out my St. Valentine’s Day Pinterest board for even more ideas! 🙂


  1. Thank you! I’m trying to get back into my faith and teach my three year old daughter some things on my own on Sunday’s until she’s old enough for Sunday School and I found this so helpful to what we are going to do today! Again, thank you! I might blog about this and link your blog!

  2. LOL, just wondering exactly what “celeberating” would be – to celebrate someone getting dressed down, or . . . . 😉

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