Printable Bible Verse Valentines

A few years ago, we made some Valentines with scripture verses on them. Each of them had something to do with love, and also had a “punny” treat that went along with it. This year, I put together some printable valentines with the bible verses to make it easy for everyone to use them!

There are no watermarks on the ones you can download. I put them all on one sheet incase you want some variety with your valentines, but I also made full pages of each one incase you wanted them all to be the same (so you only need one kind of Valentine treat to go with them).

This one gets paired with Hershey’s Kisses.

This one gets paired with raisins

(a healthier alternative than most Valentines.)

Find a fruity candy (such as runts) to go with

this “Fruits of the Spirit” Valentine.

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Pair this Valentine with some “Life” Savers.

This one goes with a small Almond “Joy” bar.

I like this one a lot– pair it with a fire ball!

(By the way, this one is a prayer, not a scripture verse.)

If you want to craft them yourself, you can do that too. I just though the printing option would make it a little easier on y’all. 😉

You can find all my resources for celebrating Saint Valentine’s day with Catholic kids here!
Also, check out my Saint Valentine printable pack!


  1. Jennifer G. says

    Love it! Thank you for sharing! We’re definitely going to use these for our Catholic Schoolhouse group!

  2. Jennifer G. says

    I couldn’t get it to print without the watermark…..

    • Thanks for letting me know- I fixed it! That’s really cool that you do Catholic Schoolhouse. My mother-in-law is one of the founders of that program. 🙂

  3. Jennifer @ Crafolic says

    Wow! I think you and are of one mind! I posted printable Valentines today, too! I had hoped to do more than one but I just don’t have the time! Life’s always moving! God Bless and I love the Valentines!

    • I know! I literally saw yours on facebook right after I published mine! I actually still have one more sheet of Valentines coming. I was having way too much fun designing these!

  4. Lovely! Thank you for this. I’ve been looking for something like this for my fellow catechists, and these will do nicely.

    (Wish I could use the fire ball prayer, but my fellow catechists are wimps – they’ll get chocolate kisses)

  5. Super cute! We are planning to make John 3:16 Valentines (with the letters lining up to spell VALENTINE down the middle…) but we may have to rethink! These are great!

  6. These are wonderful! Both of my girls attend Catholic School in Illinois. We were looking for ideas for Valentines Day as we do not like the traditional Valentines Cards you buy in a box from the store. These as well as the John 3:16 Valentine are going to be PERFECT! Thank you!

  7. I love these ideas. I was brainstorming a bingo game with “love” verses, and maybe a “free” Divine Mercy Space in the middle. It could be played at a classroom Valentine party or something. Anyway, if your brilliant creative mind gets inspired to flesh that out, I’d be grateful. I know you are busy. If I come up with something, I will try to send it to you.