Saint Valentine’s Day With Catholic Kids- Printable Pack

I was thinking about St. Valentine’s Day coming up, and I couldn’t believe that I don’t have St. Valentine in my Alphabet Saint pack! So I decided to make a separate pack for ‘ol St. Valentine.

painted st. valentine for kids

This download was free for a limited time but is now a paid-for download. It is $3 for the whole pack, and I hope you and your little ones enjoy it!

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The Saint Valentine Pack is 8 pages. It includes the stand-up St. Valentine craft in black and white AND in color, 2 coloring pages, a handwriting practice page, and some printable Valentines.

Saint Valentine Pack


These stand up crafts are so easy to make! I originally developed them to be glued around toilet paper tubes, but soon discovered that it’s much easier to just print them on cardstock- then they can stand alone. You choose to print in black and white, or in color. Color, cut, staple- it’s that simple!

st. valentine craft; print, color, cut, staple

All of my kids have loved making these over the years, from age 2-10!

st. valentine craft

I colored mine with watercolors- that’s the colored version I offer in the pack.

painted st. valentine for kids

watercolor painted st. valentine

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If you cut out a cardstock circle and tape it to the bottom, these little guys can be used as Valentine treat holders!

saint valentine's day treat holder- printable


Symbolic candy for St. Valentine:

  • Hershey Kisses = Miter
  • Candy Canes = Crosier

(Always a great way to get rid of those lingering candy canes from Christmas…)

symbolic candy for st. valentine

He goes well with his other Saintly friends!

saint crafts for catholic kids

Lydia made a specific request this year- she wanted St. Valentine Valentines that she could color herself. So I made them. They are in the pack, along with some that are already in color. 😉

color st. valentine valentines

saint valentine printable valentines

Check out all my resources for celebrating Saint Valentine’s day with Catholic kids here!


  1. stacey armstrong says

    Hi there! I have subscribed but I don’t get emails. Can someone please help me with this? Thank you, Stacey

    • Sure- I’ll have someone email you to troubleshoot. 🙂

    • Hi Stacey –

      Check your inbox. I just dropped you an email. 🙂

    • Samantha Lehmann says

      I’m having the same problem? I didn’t get the great St. Valentine’s freebie. I think this would be great for my kids – and a little lesson to remind them of the crosier and mitre! Great idea… and a great way to rid the house of the candy canes 😉 …

      I have been a subscriber for years. I resubscribed just now – no email. Also – we always use your Lent calendar and then Easter calendar. We can’t read the one where you added the Sunday of the Holy Cross etc. I tried adjusting it and reprinting. My kids always have a 13×8 construction paper page on Ash Wednesday to glue your two calendars into. They add the Rosary, Confession, and dates to remember. Would you send the two pages (St. Valentine’s day – I turn 45 praise God that day – and the calendar for Lent with the Sunday’s devotion – Holy Relics etc. written on it in English? Pax!

  2. Hi! I’m trying to subscribe, but I’m not receiving an email.

  3. I have found two images of St. Valentine, one is a Bishop (obviously the one you went with) and the other is priest martyred in Italy. Why did you go with the Bishop legend? Do you have a good source for info? Mostly, I want to paint a St. Valentine peg doll and I can’t figure out how to do it, Bishop or Priest? Thanks for your help,

    • I was told he was a Bishop as a little girl, so that’s always how I’ve thought of him. So that’s why I went that route. We don’t really have very much solid information on St. Valentine, so whatever route you’d like to go is fine. I like to tell the story about him secretely marrying the soldiers in the caves, so that’s what I usually go with.

  4. Hi! I signed up but am not getting emails and I would like to download the craft. Thanks!

  5. I am a subscriber and I have your book, I cannot get the download for the Free St. Valentine Pack

  6. Wendy Baker says

    Thanks, Lacy. I needed a St. Valentine for this coming Sunday’s 1st grade class (our parish doesn’t have CCD when there is a secular holiday in the week, so Sunday the 14th is a no-class day). Not having this printout, I traced out St. Quentin from the ABC Saints (without the Q and the scroll with his name… the overgarment looks enough like the chasuble of a priest/bishop and he’s holding the palm of martyrdom), modified the left hand to be palm up, colored, and printed out sixteen copies. Cut out, folded each around a box of “conversation hearts” (on sale at the Navy Exchange), affixed the saint to one side of a half sheet of pink card stock, added a wrapped “heart-shaped” chocolate (also on sale, same place) to the area above the left-hand with a glue dot… wrote “Happy Saint Valentine’s Day” on the other half of the card, and signed my name.

    Next year will be easier. Not only will I have St. Valentine, but I will remember to print out and add the quotes (“Love is…). Then I will just need to sign my name, and add the sweeties.

    Thanks so much for all you do to aid us teachers.