Saint Valentine’s Day Poetry Tea {A Simple Way To Celebrate}

Each week, we have a “poetry tea.” I need to write a post about it sometime, but essentially, we just have tea with lunch and take turns reading poetry while we eat. We’ve been doing this for a couple of years now, and absolutely love it! You can find all of our liturgical tea parties here, along with my tips for making tea parties extra fun for kids! I usually keep it simple, but sometimes get “fancy” for special occasions. Here’s the St. Valentine themed tea party we enjoyed this week.

st. valentine's day poetry tea party

Teas can be a very effective way to celebrate because they’re fairly easy on mom, and the kids really think they’re something special. Plus, you get to use all your fancy china that needs to earn its keep. 😉

st. valentine's day tea party

On The Menu

Our teas usually consist of sandwiches, popcorn, some kind of fruit, and a dessert, but I wanted this one to be extra special, so here’s what we ate.

Pepperoni Bagel Bites (because they’re red)

bagel bites at tea party

Cherries (again, red)

valentine poetry tea cherries

Heart-shaped Little Debbie Cakes (more red…)

st. valentine snack

Raspberry Tea (sensing a theme here?)

raspberry tea for St. Valentine's day

And we had popcorn… which apparently I didn’t find interesting enough to photograph. 😉

For our centerpiece, we had some pink carnations, and some candles, along with our stand up St. Valentine craft from my St. Valentine printable pack.

st. valentine tea party- fun for catholic kids

I love children’s books, especially children’s poetry, so I knew just which one was the perfect fit for this poetry tea- Tasha Tudor’s All For Love!

st. valentine's day tea party menu

I just skipped around the book while we ate, reading mostly the shorter poems. “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…”

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valentine poetry tea little debbie cakes

“Ah, my dear, ah my dear son,”

Said Mary, “ah my dear,

Kiss they mother, Jesu,

With a laughing cheer.”

lydia at our valentine's day tea party

love poetry picture book for kids


More Recipes For A Saint Valentine Tea

Easily transform canned cinnamon rolls into heart rolls.


Try these Sacred and Immaculate heart “play-doh” cookies– fyi, totally edible. 🙂

sacred and immaculate heart cookies

Here are some ideas for cute, but healthier alternatives to Valentine’s day snacks.

Healthy Snack for St. Valentine's Day

This is my recipe for my absolute favorite cookies, and for Valentine’s day we like to make them red and white to symbolize Saint Valentine’s martyrdom. Find our Saint Valentine’s Day cookies here

H is for Heart” cookies to go with our Alphabet Snacks

heart cookies for Saint Valentine's day


You can find all my resources for celebrating Saint Valentine’s day with Catholic kids here!
Also, check out my Saint Valentine printable pack!


  1. I love your angel candle holders. Where can I find those?
    Thanks for your inspiration. Want to do with my 13 and 16 year old boys!

    • Thanks! I found them at Goodwill, so I don’t know where they were originally from. I like to use them to hold the Baptismal candles on Baptism birthdays, too.

  2. Lacy,
    Everything looks so lovely and so fun! Your Valentine’s Tea inspired my Valentines lunch for my “Valentines” so thanks for inspiring me 🙂 My husband and I enjoyed preparing our Valentine lunch for our children. Here’s my post:

  3. Lovely — one of my best memories of growing up is my mom hosting Valentine’s Day tea parties for my sister and I and our friends. We would start with making Valentine crafts and then go into the dining room for our formal tea on her fine china. The first year she decided to go very fancy and traditional, and ended up ordering a pizza or something because the food was all to fancy for us kids (we were probably all 6-7 and under) so future years became more “kid friendly” tea fare.