Free Printable Saint Valentine Prayer Card

Collecting holy cards as a child is what started my love for the Saints. I love that through the internet, these kinds of things become so accessible to everyone! You can find all of my St. Valentine resources for kids here. Today I’m going to share with you a free printable Saint Valentine prayer card. 

It seems like the internet would just be flooded with printable holy cards, but I actually struggle to find good free options, which I why I decided to start making some myself. I would love to pass on the love of collecting holy cards to my kids! Holy cards is where I learned all the first things I knew about the Saint and also how I learned to spot the different Saints in artwork by seeing their symbols and clothing.

This page of printable St. Valentine’s prayer cards makes assembling your holy cards super easy!

The prayer card itself prints on one page with 2 golden frames next to each other like this. 

The download for the printable prayer card is available at the bottom of this post, but before we get there I wanted to share another printable St. Valentine pack I have available for kids.

In this St. Valentine pack for kids, you get a coloring page, Valentines, and even printable St. Valentine statue craft! You can find the Catholic St. Valentine pack here, and this is perfect for celebrating this feast day! 

I just love this little stand up St. Valentine statue craft and he works as an excellent table decoration!

Printing The Prayer Card

I prefer this to the prayer card printing in a front/back style for several reasons:

  • This is easy to print! No feeding the same piece of paper through the printer upside down a second time trying to line up a front and a back.
  • The prayer card is designed with the least amount of cutting possible! You just cut around the outside lines- no need to cut through the middle.
  • You don’t need cardstock and it’s still a strong holy card. Because these cards fold in half and get glue sticked in the middle, it makes them sturdy and opaque all on their own. A holy card just printed front/back on one sheet of paper would be flimsy, but this design works perfectly on standard printer paper!

How To Assemble Your St. Valentine Holy Card

Once you have the page printed, you want to cut it only along the outside edges of the golden frames like so.

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Next, make a crease right down the middle of the card. This will give you artwork on the front of the card, and the prayer of St. Valentine on the back of the card. Use a glue stick in the middle to stick the two sides together, then place under a heavy book for a minute or 2 to dry and stay flat.

That’s it! The 2 layers of paper plus the little bit of glue stick in the middle makes these cards seems stiff as if they’re on card stock even though they’re not! 

I hope your kids enjoy these printable prayer cards and I’m hoping to bring more to this set so you can grow your collection in the future. 

Download Your Free Holy Card Now

You can download your free St. Valentine prayer card by clicking the blue button below that says “get your free download”.

Don’t forget to check out my other St. Valentine resources for kids here. I have tons of great resources for celebrating this feast day!


  1. Marie Seibert says

    Thanks for the St. Valentine card!
    Had you centered it, we could just print one on each side of a piece of cardstock, and have 2 with no gluing.

    • Hi Marie –

      As mentioned in the post, since a lot of people have issues making duplex prints on their printer, it was actually purposefully made in this way to have printing on just one side. Thanks for the feedback on it, however. We’ll take your suggestion under consideration.

      Angie, Catholic Icing Project Manager