Printable Advent and Christmas Blessings for Catholic Families

Here’s a round up of printable blessings to use during Advent and Christmas time. (I really did my best to round-up printable versions, because I think gathering around a computer doesn’t have the same quaint feel to it. When you print these, be sure to add them to your Advent/Christmas planning binder so you don’t ever have to look them up or print them again. None of these blessings were created by me. I found them all on different sites and linked to my favorites.)printable advent blessings

Printable Blessing and Prayers for Advent Wreath- Here is a beautiful version for the blessing of the Advent wreath that is perfect for in your home.

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Printable Blessing of the Christmas Tree– Holy Heroes has a great printable Chrismas tree blessing. This one was hard to track down because a lot of the tree blessings were very long. I chose this one because it seemed “doable” at home with families with small children.

Blessing Of The Creche Or Nativity Set- bless your family’s nativity set with this easy to follow creche blessing. This is such a great tradition to do with your kids! 

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Blessing of the Candy Canes– Here is one that can be used any time during the seasons, and here is a candy cane blessing that is special for St. Nicholas day.

Epiphany Door Blessing- This is a simple blessing for the Epiphany when you chalk your door. You can read more about this tradition here. You can take a piece of chalk to Mass with you and have the priest bless it. If you forget to have your chalk blessed, you can bless it yourself. Here is a prayer you can use to bless the chalk.

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  1. By any chance could you please update the link for the printable Advent prayers mentioned above (“Printable Blessing and Prayers for Advent Wreath- I found these printable Advent prayers. It’s easily printable and includes a short blessing of the Advent wreath, along with a short prayer to add to dinner each night as you light the candles.”). I get an error message about how the bookmark is no longer accurate or something else that means the location has changed and i’m out of luck ;-). Or please just email me what’s supposed to be there? This is what I get for procrastinating! Thanks and Happy Advent!

    • I hope you were able to find something that worked for you! It looks like that resource was no longer available on the site that it was on (it wasn’t from Catholic Icing, so we didn’t have it to send it to you). We updated the post to remove that link.

      Angie, Catholic Icing Project Manager