Jesse Tree Readings, Ornaments, and Free Printable!

Last week I released my new How To Draw Jesse Tree ornaments set, and today I have the download of the ornaments that were drawn. They are exactly the same ornaments as are in the how to draw videos, but this is a printable set for anyone that wanted to just print them rather than draw them. They can be printed as coloring pages for kids, or already in full color to come out of your printer totally ready for your Jesse Tree! Having a printable version makes them super great for smaller kids, and also minimal effort if you’re feeling overwhelmed this year. 

If you have ever wanted to start a Jesse Tree but felt overwhelmed, everything you need to get started is in this post, and I have a really fun free printable for you as well! Jesse trees can be so different from family to family. They can be bought or made, pricey or cheap, the ornaments can be crafted out of practically anything, and while it can be so fun to see all the variety, it can also become quickly overwhelming. Hands down the easiest and cheapest way to get started with a Jesse Tree is with a set of printable Jesse Tree ornaments

If you are an artist and it’s your plan this year to have a hand crafted unique set of Jesse Tree ornaments, this download isn’t for you. But if you’re looking for a simple, fast, and easy way to incorporate the Jesse Tree devotion this year with your kids, this download might be right for you. 

“I am so excited there is a printable version too for the kids who can’t quite keep up to the drawing videos yet – a sin sin sin. Eep!” – Jennifer (Catholic Icing reader)

Jesse Tree Readings

The ornaments in my printable Jesse Tree ornaments go along with The Advent Jesse Tree devotional that I got from Amazon. I have owned several Jesse Tree devotionals, and this one is my favorite. If you start going down the bunny hole of putting together your own devotional and picking and choosing which ornaments to do, hours will be spent, and another year may pass in your home without a Jesse Tree. So if you’re really serious about starting for this year, I would strongly suggest to just pick a devotional and go with it. You don’t have to be married to it forever- you could always switch for next year. 

Free Printable Jesse Tree Ornament

I searched the internet and couldn’t find a Jesse Tree topper for the top of the tree! So I made a printable Jesse Tree star topper, and I made it a free download. The baby Jesus ornament that goes on your tree Christmas day is also included in the free download! 

Download Jesse Tree Topper And Jesus Ornament Here.

Jesse Tree Ornaments: Printable Set (25 Symbols Total!)

This set of printable Jesse tree ornaments was hand drawn and hand colored by me, then scanned into the computer. I love artwork that is created the old fashioned way- with pen and paper. 😉 


In this download you will receive 25 Jesse Tree ornaments, one for each day in December leading up to Christmas morning. All 25 ornaments are available in full color AND in black and white outline, so there are a total of 50 ornament in this pack. Also, the free Jesse Tree star topper is also included in the pack for easy printing. The ornaments print 6 per page. You can get your Jesse Tree ornaments right now for just $4!

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Reasons Why Printable Jesse Tree Ornaments Rock:

  • Printable Jesse Tree Ornaments are a procrastinator’s dream! Just deciding that you really want to do this, and December 1st is tomorrow? No problem- just print them and get started!
  • I’m all about eliminating deterrents from my life, because when we’re deterred, that’s when things don’t happen. So there- you don’t have to make super fancy ornaments that mold yourself out of clay or trade with friends, you can just get started with these right away.
  • Printable ornaments don’t admit defeat or take away the dream of the ornaments you mold yourself out of clay or trade with friends… just print them this year. They’re pretty cheap and easy, so there’s little commitment there. You are free to keep dreaming about the ornaments you (may) make in the future. In the mean time, though, you can also be super-mom and start this tradition with your kiddos now. 😉
  • You can print multiple sets! This way, if you just want to make one set as a family, you can. However, if all of your kids want to make all their own ornaments, you can do that, too! And if you want to make more next year, just open the file and print. No worries about crushing them. 😉
  • No color ink? No problem. Just print them in black and white to color yourself.
  • Kids don’t like to color? No problem. Just print them in color and let the kids do the assembling only.

List Of Printable Jesse Tree Ornaments Included

  • The World (Creation)
  • A Snake With An Apple Tree (The First Sin)
  • Ark With Rainbow (Noah)
  • Camel And Tent (Call To Abraham)
  • Lamb And Mountain (Isaac And The Lamb)
  • Ladder (Jacob’s Ladder)
  • Coat of Many Colors (Joseph)
  • 10 Commandments (Moses)
  • Grapes (Canaan)
  • Wheat (Ruth)
  • Sling Shot (King David)
  • Scroll (Josiah)
  • Stump With Shoot (Jesse)
  • Lion And The Lamb 
  • Dove And Crown (Prince Of Peace)
  • Shepherd’s Staff
  • Cross (Suffering Servant)
  • Heart With Writing (New Covenant)
  • Bethlehem
  • Fiery Furnace (Exile)
  • Brick Wall (Return To The Land)
  • Star
  • Candle (Light Of The World)
  • Angel 
  • Baby Jesus 

How To Make Printables Into Ornaments

So how do you take these from printable circles to ornaments for your Jesse Tree? Easy. All you need is a paper clip and a piece of tape.

Take a paper clip and bend the inside of it up so it’s kind of in an “S” shape. Then use a piece of tape to attach it to the back of your ornament.

For the paper tree topper, cut the piece out that is off to the side and roll it into a cone shape, attaching it with a glue stick.

The attach your star to the front of it like so.

Now it’s really to go right on top of your Jesse Tree. Get your set of Jesse Tree ornaments now!

Draw Your Own Jesse Tree Ornaments

Alternatively, you can draw your very own set of Jesse Tree ornaments with my all new how to draw series for the Jesse Tree symbols. Get your how to draw Jesse Tree Ornaments videos here. It’s the same set of ornaments, but as how to draw videos rather than a printable. 



  1. I love the idea of a Jesse Tea! A friend is hoping to do a get together where we each make one ornament (x25!) and then all swap next year. In the mean time, I made ours out of felt. It’s a bit different than the other one you linked to above, but would love your thoughts on it!

  2. Samantha Mudd says

    Do you have a list of the scriptures that go with each of the Jesse Tree ornaments?
    The drawings are precious! My children keep drawing them over and over!

  3. What is the coat with the colors? It’s after Jacob ladder and before the Ten Commandments. You don’t list it on your list of ornaments above.

    Thanks so much. I love your site!

  4. Do you use the same ornaments each year?

  5. I thought this was supposed to be a free printable.
    Why does it cost???

    • The set of printable ornaments are not free and I don’t see anywhere that indicates that they are, unless I’m missing it. The Jesse Tre tree topper/ornament is free, however, and you can find that in the section of this post with the heading “Free Printable Jesse Tree Ornament.”

      Angie, Catholic Icing Project Manager

  6. Allisyn Young says

    Hi Lacy!

    I was hoping to print these and then modge podge them onto some wooden ornaments. Can you please tell me how wide and tall in inches they print out if no alterations are made? Thank you!

  7. I know this post is a few years old, but I saw some reviews about this devotional not being Catholic. I was wondering if anyone has found a Catholic devotional for their Jesse Tree? Thanks so much for your site!!!

  8. I can’t wait to download these beautiful Jesse tree ornaments but I need instructions on how to. I noticed most of these comments are from years ago, hope you can respond in a timely manner. Thank you, Emily

  9. Does it tell you what order the ornaments are to be hung?

  10. Hi. I just subscribed & I am excited about using your resources. I thought I would be able to download the Jesse Tree ornaments – the reason I was browsing your sight. Is this an extra charge?

    • Hi Danielle –

      I searched for your email address, and I can’t find it in the paid monthly membership or the free weekly newsletter, but maybe you used a different email address for whichever of those you just subscribed to.

      The free weekly newsletter gives people access to the subscriber bonus page but not all of the paid products.

      For the monthly membership, members have access to the membership area, where they can download 100+ printables that have been specifically put together for the membership each month. It doesn’t, however, include any products from Catholic Icing or Real Life at Home. You can find the contents of what is currently available for that this month on the page about it:

      I hope that helps! Sorry – I just figured I would cover both of those since I didn’t know which one you were referring to.

      Angie, Catholic Icing Business Manager

  11. Loretta Shalosky says

    I just want to buy a wooden set. But I want it to go along with THE book that was recommended since I have already bought that book Do you know of a set like this? I don’t want to make them.

  12. I don’t see any reference to the scripture passage that match each ornament? Do you have that available?

    • Hi Tammy –

      The symbols that Lacy used go along with the book that she suggests in the post. That’s where you would find the Scripture references.

      Angie, Catholic Icing Business Manager