Jesse Tree Readings, Ornaments, and Printables!

Jesse trees can be so different from family to family. They can be bought or made, the ornaments can be crafted out of practically anything, and I love how unique and beautiful they all are! Be sure to check out my post all about how to get started using a Jesse tree! Here a round-up of my favorite Jesse Tree resources to help get you started in this rich Advent tradition!

If you are looking for a printable Jesse tree ornament set, you can check out my round up of free printable Jesse tree ornaments here. This post just concentrates on the crafty kind that you make yourself out of more 3 D materials such as felt, magnets, paint, salt dough, etc. 

DIY Crafted Jesse Tree Ornament Ideas

These are not all free, but you may be interested in purchasing patterns or ornaments, or even being inspired for what kind of set you would like to begin with. Enjoy the Jesse Tree Ornament choices! 

Felt Crafted Jesse Tree Ornaments

This felt pattern set plus devotional from Jen at Faith and Fabric is absolutely beautiful! I can’t get over it!


Wooden Crafted Jesse Tree Ornaments

This set of DIY Jesse Tree ornaments made from wooden shapes came from My Grace filled mess and I love them! Definitely check these out.

Oven Baked Clay Jesse Tree Ornaments

Half Of A Hundred Acre Wood made a set of Jesse Tree ornaments from Sculpey oven bake clay and they’re absolutely adorable! Go be inspired by those. 

Here is a really good basic salt dough recipe if you want to save some money by not buying the Sculpy clay. 

Wooden Tree Circles For Crafting Ornaments On

Whether you are painting, printing and decoupaging, drawing, or however you are crafting your Jesse tree ornaments, these wooden tree cookies are a great base! I think they are extra perfect because the Bible verse that the whole Jesse tree concept is based on is that a sprout will grow out of the stump of Jesse… and these tree cookies totally look like pieces of a stump! You can order your set here to craft yours on. 

Fun Foam Crafted Jesse Tree Ornaments

Of The Hearth made a super fantastic Jesse Tree ornament set from fun foam, and they are so cute and colorful! This is the perfect idea if you don’t want to bake or sew.

Jesse Tree Ornament Swap

Another super great option if you want a set of crafted Jesse Tree ornaments is to have an exchange! Each family that is participating makes 25 of the same ornament, then everyone gets together and exchanges them. This is faster and easier than crafting your own set because it’s easier to mass produce them then to crank out 25 different designs, plus, it’s fun! Check out how to host a Jesse Tree ornament exchange here

Affordable Jesse Tree Ornaments You Can Purchase

When time is creeping up on you and the beginning of December is getting closer, sometimes it’s better to just save your sanity and buy the Jesse tree ornaments. Doing the devotion is better than always saying you’re going to do the devotion but never having time to start it. And you know what? It is possible to buy Jesse tree ornaments that don’t break the bank! Check out these options. 

This magnetic Jesse tree ornament set from Amazon looks easy to use and is only about $13! Prime shipping, too. 😉

Free Printable Jesse Tree Devotional

Feels Like Home Blog has a beautiful and easy to use Jesse Tree devotional that you can print for free. Her version includes little songs you sing, which I love!

Be sure to check out all of my Jesse Tree resources for families here.

Check out all of my Advent and Christmas posts here.

The Advent Christmas Planner- available from Catholic Icing

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  1. I love the idea of a Jesse Tea! A friend is hoping to do a get together where we each make one ornament (x25!) and then all swap next year. In the mean time, I made ours out of felt. It’s a bit different than the other one you linked to above, but would love your thoughts on it!

  2. I can’t figure out how to access and print the 3d jesse tree ornaments. Is this still available?

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