Baby Jesus Crafts and Activities for Christmas

If you’re going to take the time to craft with kids this time of year, you may as well make it meaningful, and concentrate on what’s really going on. After all, Jesus is the reason for the season! Many of these can also be tweaked to make a manger for Baby Jesus that you add a piece of straw to each time to do a good deed or make a sacrifice. The more you do during Advent, the softer Baby Jesus’ bed is for Christmas morning! 🙂

Make a cuddly sock baby Jesus. There’s no sewing involved, he’s super easy, and kids love him!

super easy sock baby jesus christmas craft for preschoolers

Here is a craft that is specifically set up to make as a “good deed manger.” This is cheap and easy to make, so you can do it with a whole class, or each of your kids can make their own.


I love this religious candy cane craft- “J is for Jesus.” Super cute and fun for kids.


Here is another super easy Baby Jesus craft for kids that doesn’t take any expensive supplies. (I used it for “E is for Emmanuel” in our Catholic ABC’s curriculum.)

If you’re looking for a fun edible project, check out these Baby Jesus cookies! No baking required, and even preschoolers can assemble their own meaningful Christmas snack. 🙂

away in a manger cookies for pinterest


If you’re looking for a Baby Jesus song, try the classic “Away in a Manger.” This is a great song for all age groups, even little kids!

Check out all my my nativity crafts here (as they also include Baby Jesus).

More Advent and Christmas resources here.

 The Advent Christmas Planner- available from Catholic Icing

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