Bible Craft For The Letter Z- Zacchaeus In A Tree

Although I have been finished with my Christian ABC's series for awhile now, it feels good to finally be posting this last one! Z is for Zacchaeus! This was super fun for the kids, and actually came out pretty cute as well. Supplies Needed: Construction paper (your choice of color) Green tissue paper White school glue White paper (with simple Zacchaeus drawn on … [Read more...]

Bible Alphabet Craft For The Letter X

I was a little worried about the letter X, given that it's such a weird letter, but this actually turned out really well! For the letter "X", we went with eXalted! Supplies Needed: Card stock White oil pastel (or crayon) Watercolor paints Paint brushes Wooden dowels or skewers Before class begins, write "JESUS" on each piece of card stock with your white oil pastel. If you … [Read more...]

Walk With Jesus- Craft For The Letter W

This craft can stand for the letter W in a few different ways- It can either be "W is for Walk With Jesus" or "W is for Walk on Water" or even "W is for Wash feet." Totally your choice. Here it is as "Walk With Jesus." And here it is as "Walk on Water" Supplies Needed: Blue card stock or paper Another color of card stock or paper Scissors Big ink pad (or paint for … [Read more...]

Bible Craft For The Letter “U”- U Is For Universe

After a lot of struggling with such a difficult letter, I decided that U was in fact, for Universe. :-) This is a super fun craft! When you put a little battery operated votive inside, it lights up, and casts stars onto your walls! Kids absolutely love this! Supplies Needed: Clear plastic punch cups Aluminum foil Tooth picks, pencils, skewers, or whatever can punch holes in … [Read more...]

Printable ABC Scripture Cards For Catholics- FREE!

Check Out The Scripture Memorization System That Goes With These I'm very excited to come out with some Catholic scripture card printables, because most of what you find on the internet is by protestants. A lot of their stuff is useful, but their scripture is pulled from protestant translations (such as the King James Version) and their Bibles are missing 7  books. So I'm happy to bring you a … [Read more...]

Faith Based Easter Craft For Kids- Make An Empty Tomb

Check out all of my faith-based Easter crafts for kids here! We made an Easter craft that celebrates the true meaning of Easter- empty tombs! He is risen! Alleluia! Alleluia! This is so easy to make, and mostly involves supplies you have around your house at Easter time anyway! To make this craft, you are going to make your own air dry clay, but it's really not hard to do- trust me. … [Read more...]

Rainbow Bible Craft- God Keeps His Promises

Still chugging along with our  Christian ABC crafts, and this week we were on the letter R. Guess what R is for? Rainbow! This is basically a simple ribbon dancer craft with a cloud attached to the top with scripture on it. The scripture is about the rainbow. The Bible verse craft part at the top (the cloud) is available for all of you to print for free! Supplies Needed For Each Ribbon … [Read more...]

Scripture Craft For St. Valentine’s Day- Fun and Easy!

I'm still working on our interdenominational Christian ABC crafts for my homeschool co-op, and it's time for the letter Q. Now, Q is a tricky letter to come up with a craft for, (in Catholic ABC's we make a Queen Mary craft) but my friend Stacy helped me out with an idea that goes with Q, and works well for St. Valentine's feast day as well. Supplies Needed: Q tips Red and pink tempera … [Read more...]

Baby Moses Bible Craft For Kids- Wave In A Bottle

We're still working on our Christian ABC craft series, and M is for Moses! Again, my co-op class is very young (1 and 2) so I'm always looking for something they can participate in and will like. I decided we would make a wave in a bottle with Baby Moses inside- just like he floats down the river in a basket in the Bible! Ya'll remember wave in a bottle crafts, don't you? The bottle is … [Read more...]

Bible Craft for the Letter D – Dove with Olive Branch

We are continuing our Bible Alphabet craft series, and this week with my preschoolers, we learned about Noah's Arc and made a craft of a Doves for the letter D. Supplies Needed: White (cheap) paper plates White feathers Clothes pins (2 per dove) Googily eyes (2 per dove) Orange marker School glue Hot glue Small Branches OR Brown pipe cleaners and green beads Because I … [Read more...]