Queenship of Mary Craft

Catholic ABC’s Week: 22
Letter of the week: Q
Theme: Queenship of Mary
Saint of the Week: Mary, Queen of the Saints
Craft: Queenship of Mary Sun catcher

Q is for Queen

I know that Catholic ABC’s usually runs on Wednesday, but today I have this post ready and I won’t have today’s post ready until tomorrow…. so I switched them around. 🙂

Also, the feast of the Queenship Of Mary is on August 22. 

This adorable craft was actually developed by the lady who used to teach my preschool class before me. It’s one of my favorites! I did change it up a little.

Materials Needed To Complete This Craft:

  • Wax Paper
  • Black Fabric Paint (glue mixed with paint*)
  • Stained Glass Paint (or regular paint mixed with glue**)
  • Colored paper
  • Gold glitter glue
  • Glue

Start by drawing a very simple picture of Mary with a crown. I wanted to provide this for you, but I’m having scanner issues. Trust me- you can do this! When you have your sketch, tear off a piece of wax paper and lay it on top. Trace around your simple lines with black fabric paint. *I have read that you can open up some white glue and add a little black paint to it in substitution for fabric paint, but I haven’t tried it. Let this dry. (These only took me about a minute each to outline once I had my sketch).

Fabric Prints of Mary

When it’s dry, have the children paint in Mary with blue stained glass paint. **If you’d like to save yourself some money and a trip to the craft store, you can substitute this for a paint/glue mixture. This mixture needs to have more paint than glue. It’s not quite as nice as the stained glass paint, but it works in a pinch (and it’s what we used for ours).

Blue Paint

After they paint all over their wax paper, you can wipe off the paint around Mary’s dress and in her face with a paper towel. Then have them squirt gold glitter glue into Mary’s crown. Again, you can wipe with paper towel if they make a mess.

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Catholic ABCs Curriculum

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Painting Mary
Painting Mary

Cut out a paper frame for your Mary and glue it on around the edge of the wax paper. We used colored poster board, but construction paper is just as good. We then glued on a scrap of our paper to make the frame a Q since “Q is for Queenship of Mary”.

Painted Marys Inside Qs
Last year the kids made them a little differently. Here are some more pictures:
Painted Mary
Painted Mary Inside Q

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I like the ones with the stars, but it’s very time-consuming to draw them all with the fabric paint, so I skipped them. They really do look really cute hanging up in the window!
Mary Paper Wall Hangings
Queenship of Mary Footprint
Grab Bag Ideas for the Letter Q: (be sure to check out the Classroom Script for directions on using the grab bag.) Quilt (or quilted toilet paper), Quarts crystal, Q-tips, Quarter, Football player (Quarterback), Bee toy (for Queen bee), Quail, Quill (take any feather, cut the end off, and scribble on it with a sharpie), Queen, Quaker oatmeal.

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Catholic ABCs Curriculum


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