Peg Doll Mass Kit

I’ve posted about how to make a tiny Mass kit before, but we made ours long ago and the pieces are long missing. So here’s take 2, and this time, it’s totally meant for all of our awesome Saint peg dolls!

mass kit for saint peg dolls

I recently took part in a Saint peg doll exchange, then I came out with this set of decoupagable Saint peg dolls, so my house is pretty much rolling in these awesome holy heroes right now! My kids play with them all the time, so it just made since to add something fun to their collection.

Unlike when I made our past tiny Mass kit, I was unable to find a tiny chalice an.eee.where! So, I decided to put together a Mass kit that would have only very reasonable to find materials. 

Supplies Needed: 

  • 1 Pack of golden Sculpey (or off-brand polymer clay) 1 pack should be able to make about 8 kits.
  • 1 Paint brush (for helping to form the clay)
  • Little wooden circles (for the hosts)
  • 2 Q-tips (candles)
  • Golden glitter glue (optional)
  • 2 small wooden vases (available at craft stores)
  • Small fake flowers for vase
  • 2 small wooden “trunks” with latches (should be $1-$2 each
  • Scrap of green felt or fabric (may also want purple, pink, red, and white)

gold sculpey

*Note* I’m going to show you step-by-step how to make the chalice, and I’m sure you can do it, but for anyone who really isn’t excited about sculpting, I think you could make a simple chalice by gluing 2 acorn caps with stems together, and painting it gold. I haven’t tried this- just one of my half-baked ideas. 😉

You can polymer clay at any craft store. I went ahead and got gold so I wouldn’t have to paint it when I was done. Just sculpt it and bake it in your oven.

How to sculpt a simple mini chalice:

how to make a small chalice

  • Start by rolling a piece into a ball.
  • Make a deep dent in the middle with the end of a paint brush, and roll around the outside with your fingers.
  • Take off of paint brush, and pinch with your fingers to flare the top.
  • Roll a slightly smaller ball than your first to make the bottom of the chalice.

diy small chalice

  • Make little pinches all the way around the bottom of the ball to make the bottom of the chalice.
  • Pinch the nub left at the top between your fingers and roll it back and forth to thin and lengthen it.
  • Stick the top of the chalice on.
  • Smooth the 2 pieces together with the end of your paintbrush.

How to make a Paten:

how to make your own tiny mass kit for peg dolls

  • Roll another ball.
  • Smash it flat with your thumb.
  • Yes, that’s really it. 😉

I also sculpted a few more pieces- 2 candle stick holders, an extra chalice and paten, and a big square chunk for the tabernacle. Then I baked them.

diy tiny mass kit

When the pieces cooled off, I decorated the tabernacle with some golden glitter glue. One of my kids touched it before it dried- lol. I also found some little wooden vases at the craft store, and hot glued in some tiny fake roses.

tabernacle for tiny mass kit

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I got 2 of the small $1 wooden boxes that look kinda like a treasure boxes, and have little latches on the front. One is for the altar, and one if the the table behind the altar with the tabernacle on it.

I made the candles by cutting both ends off of Q-tips, and hot gluing the stick part into the candle holder.

tiny mass kit for peg dolls

Then, I cut a little scrap of green felt for the altar cloth. Right now, it’s ordinary time. Perhaps I’ll cut them a scrap of purple when Lent begins. 🙂 I also found a bag of wooden circles in all different sizes at the craft store. I painted some of the tiny ones white to the be hosts. If you look at my original tiny Mass kit, the hosts weren’t painted- they just had a cross drawn on them with a pen, which was totally fine.

make a play mass kit for peg dolls

saint peg doll mass kit

The Mass kit stores inside of the little chests that double as the altar and tabernacle table.

pack up tiny mass kit

This tiny Mass kit will pair awesome with your Printable peg dolls!

printable peg dolls for decopage

My kids really like the Mass kit! Here are a few candid shots I’ve taken when I saw the Mass kit in action around the house.

playing with catholic peg dolls- mass

Btw, I bought this wooden castle for the peg dolls to have, and it came with some knights, horses, a treasure chest, bed, and 2 of these wooden chairs- so that’s where the chairs came from.

peg dolls with mass kit

Find all of my Saint peg doll resources here, and all of my Mass resources here.

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  1. Hi Lacy,
    You probably already know. But none of the photos for this post are showing….perhaps it’s on my end?
    Thanks! Ellen

  2. Hi Lacy! I love your little Mass kit! The Sculpey is a great idea, and so easy!

    I just wanted to share some other ideas, if you like sticking wood together and painting it! 🙂 A couple of years ago I made a mini Mass kit for my peg dolls, using wooden craft parts. I found mine at Beverley’s, but you can also get many of them at the same site you get your peg dolls. I found a mini-candle holder/vase which I hot-glued to a mini toy car wheel for the base, for the two candle-holders, and used some really thin dowel, trimmed and painted, as the candles. I found a little cross which I glued to a flat circle base for the altar crucifix. A tiny milk bottle upended on the underside of a tiny rounded plate was my chalice, and another tiny plate was the paten. I painted all these with gold acrylic paint.

    And I think I used the same box you did for the altar! 🙂

    If you live in California, where it seems every fourth-grader in the state makes a model of a Mission, there are lots of fun, tiny craft pieces stocked in the craft stores that can be used for Mass kits and other hands-on faith learning!

    Anyway, hope this helps someone! Thanks for all that you do! I love your site, and all my homeschooling mama friends are faithful followers! 🙂