Child Saint Peg Dolls- A List Of Ideas

As ya’ll know, I am a BIG fan of Saint peg dolls. We started with a set from a peg doll exchange for Christmas, and the kids loved them. They still play with them nearly every day. (For those of you who think you can’t take on the painting, be sure to check out my decoupagable peg dolls- you can find all of my peg doll resources here.)

Most recently, we added some child Saints to our peg collection and they are a great addition! The thing that made them so fun was actually painting them on different sizes of pegs that I found at Michael’s. Here’s a picture of Jesus with the children (so you can get a feel for what the “child” pegs look like next to our standard size big peg.)

child saint peg dolls- jesus with the children

Here’s a little girl St. Therese doll I painted. She is holding a set of sacrifice beads and a little golden ball. She is based off of this photograph of St. Therese as a girl.


From left to right, here are the children I painted: Baby Jesus (nativity style), Child of Atocha, Divine Child, Infant of Prague, 3 Fatima children (Jacinta, Francisco, Lucia), and St. Therese as a girl.

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child saint peg dolls for catholic kids

Here is a list of children Saints (bless-eds, etc) you can paint to go with your holy peg bunch:

  • St. Therese as a girl (and her sisters/family)
  • The Fatima children
  • Little Nellie
  • Mary as a girl (to go with St. Anne)
  • Baby Jesus (nativity style)
  • Infant of Prague
  • Divine Child
  • Child of Atocha
  • Child Jesus
  • St. Patrick (kidnapped as a boy by pirates)
  • St. Domonic Savio
  • St. Maria Goretti
  • Blessed Imelda
  • Any children (or specifically your children) as “future saints” and to accompany Saints often pictured with children such as Mother Teresa, St. John Bosco, etc.

child jesus peg dolls

One last note to say that little Saints have made me happy that I use the big pegs for our collection. These little ones are very hard to keep up with- they’re always disappearing somewhere. In fact, I couldn’t even find them all when it was time for photographing. The kids do love having the little ones around, but it would be nice if they came with tiny tracking devices. 😉

Any other child Saint ideas? I love these little guys!


  1. Gail Westhoff says

    I love the saint children. School starts Monday August 10. I’m having difficulty finding the download purchase.

  2. Jean Folken says

    Love your peg dolls! I made several of the sets already and am looking forward to making the child saint peg dolls. I am a DRE and the catechetical staff use the peg dolls in their classrooms for saint sessions. The kids love them, even the older youth!
    thank you for sharing this great idea!
    What about Blessed Kateria Tekakawitha?

  3. Lacy, do you seal these with modge podge? & does it protect the peg dolls well? I had made a set a little over 5 years ago before I had discovered modge podge and they are very well loved, but they have paint missing all over now. 🙁 I was thinking of making another set, but wanted to make sure I properly sealed them this next time. Thank you for your help!

    • Yes, we use Mod Podge, but I do at least 2 coats. If yours didn’t hold up, you might like trying a spray sealer. I like to do 1 layer of Mod Podge before the spray sealer when I do this.

  4. These are so cute! I was wondering if you had plans to publish a printable nativity peg doll set for Advent? I thought they would be perfect to make and send to each of my Godchildren for a Christmas gift. Thanks.