Epiphany Tea Party- Fun Liturgical Celebration For Kids

Our family absolutely loves throwing tea parties for Catholic feast days and celebrations, and we super enjoyed this Epiphany tea party! I love creating tea parties that are symbolic and educational for the kids, yet totally fun and tasty. This tea party had all the things! If you want to check out all of our liturgical tea parties, click here. Now let’s take a look at this Epiphany tea!

Basically, we decided to run with a “golden” theme since the 3 kings arrived on the Epiphany, kings are often symbolized with gold, and they did bring gold as a present for Baby Jesus.

You can see the spread on the table of our Epiphany tea here. 

Epiphany Tea Party Menu: “Golden” Food Ideas

  • Golden apple slices
  • Carrot slices
  • Cheetos
  • Banana slices with golden honey drizzled on top 
  • Hot dogs cut into thirds (with mustard on them to make them also golden colored)
  • Chamomile tea, which is golden in color 

We had a really fun time raiding the fridge and pantry for “golden” colored food. This tea party came together very quickly and easily! The honey drizzled banana slices were a huge hit with the kids.

More fun food ideas! King cake is traditional for the Epiphany and you can make a super cute and easy king cake with my directions here!

You might want to check out my Golden Epiphany Eggnog recipe with symbolic “gold, frankincense, and myrrh”. Kids love it! 

My star Epiphany sandwiches are also a great fit for an Epiphany tea party.

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Centerpiece Ideas For Epiphany Tea Party

Like I say in my post about throwing liturgical tea parties, I think it makes the tea party a lot more fun if you use a table cloth and some kind of centerpiece. For an Epiphany tea party, here are some good centerpiece ideas.

  • 3 kings from a nativity set. You ALL have a nativity set, right? So see, you’re ready to go with a centerpiece! We used the 3 kings from our children’s nativity set, and placed them with their camel next to the “golden” banana slices.
  • A crown! This could be something you have in your dress up box, something from Burger King, or something you printed online. 
  • Prop up a book! Do you have a favorite book you read for 3 king’s day? Display it right on the table.
  • Any star shaped toys or Christmas ornaments you may have lying around. 
  • Anything that seems royal or king like- we included a golden colored candle! And candles always make things seem fancier. 

The kids had a really fun time eating all the golden food!

Epiphany books for tea party

If you check out my post with Epiphany celebration ideas for kids, you’ll find my complete list of suggested picture books for 3 kings day.

During our Epiphany tea party, we read The Last Straw, which the kids really enjoyed. I always read something relevant to the kids during our Liturgical teas, and it’s my favorite part. 

Dress Up Like Royalty!

Do you have any royal costumes? Or crowns? Or printable crowns? This is a super fun tea party to dress up for!

This was a big hit and a really fun way to celebrate this feast day with the kids. Be sure to check out all of my Epiphany resources for celebrating with kids. Also, you can find more of our Liturgical tea parties here. God bless!