Last Supper Tea Party For Holy Thursday (Christian Seder Style)

This year many families will be celebrating Holy Week in their homes, and Holy Thursday is a big part of that! This is an important day in the liturgical year that can be amazing to celebrate with your kids. As we love to have liturgical teas, I thought, why not have a Christian Seder style tea party for Holy Thursday, and so that’s what we did. I would love to share my Last Supper tea party menu with you today. 

For years my family loved having our scripture tea for Good Friday, so we decided to expand on it and have a Holy Thursday tea as well. We had a ton of fun with this one! It was loosely based on a Christian Seder, and just a concentration of focusing on what Jesus’ last supper was like during his life here on earth among us. 

We have had Christian Seder meals before, but this was our first time to turn it into a tea. 

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Setting Up The Last Supper Tea

Our food was loosely based on a Christian Seder menu. Here’s what we had.

A plate of hard boiled eggs with some flowers for fun. I really like to have fresh flowers at our tea parties when possible.

For our “parsley” we made a plate of celery sticks and then left some green tops on the plate. 

For our “haroset” we mixed some apple sauce with chunks of apples and raisins.

We actually did pick up some Matzah from the grocery store, which I think was neat for the kids. But you could definitely bake my easy recipe for unleavened bread or even just use some crackers.

We had both grape juice as our beverage, and put it in this center chalice as well as the tea pot.

For our “lamb” I made a standard popcorn ball recipe and shaped it in my lamb cake pan that I use at Easter. It honestly didn’t come out as cute as I had hoped, and in hind sight, rice krispie treats (or an actual cake) might have been better. 

I don’t have a fancy Seder meal plate, but basically they have little spaces all around in a circle to place a little of each food on the center plate. On our center plate, I placed cupcake liners and put a little of each food around in the circles, with a chalice with grape juice in the middle. Along with the other food mentioned above, I also included a little bit of horseradish on the middle plate. 

This plate served as our centerpiece as well. 

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As I have said before, my kids always love to dress up for a tea party. We had a lot of fun recreating this image of the Last Supper before beginning!

We printed this guide for a Christian Seder meal to have something to follow. 

You can also see here one of our little bowls of salt water. 

So we lit some candles and enjoyed our Holy Thursday tea party!


Holy Thursday Tea Menu

  • Matzah, or unleavened bread that you can bake without any yeast, or crackers
  • Celery (as our parsley)
  • Grape juice
  • Horseradish
  • Applesauce with raisins (our haroset)
  • Boiled eggs
  • Small dish of salt water
  • Lamb (we made a popcorn ball lamb using my Easter lamb shaped cake pan)
  • Tea, milk, sugar

Here is a simple guide to an at home Christian Seder that’s free from Feels Like Home Blog

If you haven’t seen my printable Last Supper craft that assembles onto an egg carton, you definitely want to check that out!

The Symbolic Holy Week & Easter Cookbook is sure to bless your family in the upcoming seasons! Read more now.

You can find all of my Holy Thursday resources for kids here.