Symbolic Lenten Tea For Kids- A Menu And Scripture Readings

For those of you who have seen my symbolic passion story lunch, this is going to look very familiar. As we’ve gotten into poetry teas, we turned this one into a tea party as well. (Can I just say again how much I love having weekly tea parties with my kids?!) Love it! You can find all of our liturgical tea parties here, along with my tips for making tea parties extra fun for kids. Now let’s check out this symbolic lenten tea for kids

symbolic tea for lent- menu and scripture readings

Guess what? This symbolic Good Friday lunch is now a part of my The Symbolic Holy Week & Easter Cookbook! This cookbook includes 23 recipes that point to the true meaning of Easter. It also includes 29 pages of bonus printables! You do not want to miss this amazing resource. 

The cookbook comes with printable Scripture that goes with each symbolic food in this Good Friday lunch, and table place card labels to let you know what each symbolic food is representing! It also has a bookmark with all the Scripture verses incase you would like the read the verses from your own Bible. It’s really a beautiful and helpful download, and I am so happy to have it as an addition to this symbolic tea. 

Having A Lenten Tea For Kids

So my biggest complaint about the scripture passion story lunch is that I designed it for Good Friday, which I personally think is an excellent day to do this with kids… but some readers that thought it seemed a bit “extravagant” for Good Friday eatin’. So I’m going to encourage you that this is actually a great thing to do at any point during Lent, so don’t let that hold you back. In fact, sometimes it’s easy to get overwhelmed that close to Easter, so earlier might be better for your family, and that’s ok.

beautiful lenten tea

You can get the full Lenten tea menu from my original post, along with the scripture verses that go with each symbolic food. You pass out 1 food, then read the scripture. Repeat.

symbolic lenten tea

I loved how grapes served as the centerpiece. This is the only food we included that wasn’t part of the original menu, but we thought it matched the theme. The ritz cracker crown of thorns just might be my favorites…

crown of thorns tea for kids

Although I do love the pretzel rod / peanut butter crosses!

pretzel crosses

symbolic lent lunch for kids

Peter’s sword…

cheese swords

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The “mount of olives” and the cock that crowed…

symbolic tea for lent

Judas’ silver…

symbolic lent food

Judas’ kiss…

lenten tea for kids 2

We read the corresponding scripture with each food as we went, just as we have done before.

scripture tea for lent

The kids loved this (as they do every tea party we have) and they get a lot out of this one as well.

lenten tea for kids

lenten poetry tea for kids

scripture tea for kids

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  1. Lacy, you are making me want to do this once again for Good Friday. We’re changing what our church is doing this year and had thought about having a fish lunch but this would sit so much better between those who do the walk of witness and those who have a quiet morning in the church centre followed by a reflective service. I don’t agree with those who said it was too extravagant in the first place; it is a simple meal and people can substitute anything they need too, as we do – we have people who can’t have eggs or flour

  2. Tara Bersnak says

    My children are allergic to 7 out of the 9 snacks. I will make the tea with carrot crosses, grapes, olives, eggs, and parsley swords instead. I wanted to on the one hand thank you for the inspiration for an activity my kids will love and connect with and on the other give a shout out to my allergic peeps not to write this off immediately as I did at first because of the preponderance of high allergy risk foods but to be a little extra patient and creative. I know in my head Lent is about being a little extra patient, but forget to put it into practice!!

  3. Lacy,
    This is now a family tradition in our home. Thank you a thousand times! This will be our third year doing this! To this list, we have added strawberries to symbolize the piercing of the Sacred Heart, and at the end of the party, another strawberry for Our Lady’s Sorrowful Heart. Also, for the reading of the agony in the garden, we added a gummy worm, referring to the psalm “I am a worm and no man”… because some of our kids need to be motivated to eat an olive… “Let this cup pass…” (or rather Mama, let this olive pass… nevertheless, not as I will…)