How to Make an Easy Shamrock from Pipe Cleaners

This is a great tip for making Shamrocks from pipe cleaners!

Pipe Cleaner Shamrock

This picture really says it all:

Pipe Cleaner Shamrock

Just put 3 of your fingers together,  and wrap the pipe cleaner around all of them, 1 at a time. Pull it off the tops of your fingers, and twist the 2 ends together to hold it.

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Pipe Cleaner Shamrock

Trim the stem to your desired length. You’re finished! Even if kids need some help, use their fingers to wrap around and they totally think they made it themselves. 😉 Lydia only wanted to make them in pink and purple, which was fine with me.

Pipe Cleaner Shamrocks

You can use these however you want. You could probably tweak this technique for making shamrock rosaries, and you could also make a shamrock for your St. Patrick paper bag puppet to hold! Also, you could use these as a prop for singing the St. Patrick’s Day Trinity song! 🙂

St Patrick and Brigid Craft


  1. Hi!

    Where did you get pipe cleaners in that shade of light green? I love it!