St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Rosary for Kids- A Fun Craft!

My kids have always loved crafting these little rosaries and it’s a hit every time I make them with the kids at homeschool co-op or Religious Education class! They’re so easy, and the materials are super affordable, so even if you’re crafting rosaries in a large group it’s easy to afford to make them with every kid. This is a fun new version of the easy rosary craft that is shaped like a shamrock, making it perfect for when you learn about the Trinity, and also an easy Catholic craft for St. Patrick’s Day! Let me show you how to make these easy St. Patrick’s Day shamrock rosaries for kids- a fun craft!

Pipe cleaner shamrock with beads on a shamrock shaped doily
Supplies Needed For Shamrock Rosary:
  • Green pipe cleaners. (You will definitely lose the effect with different colors- better to limit the palate for this craft.)
  • Green pony beads (Again, green for the win here!)
I also had some cute child-made ones, but my kids ran off with them. I’m having such a hard time photographing their crafts recently! Lol!


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Pipe Cleaner Shamrock and Doily Craft
Aren’t these shamrock doilies too cute?! I got them at Michael’s and overpaid. I think they were $2.50 a package. I have a serious thing for doilies. 🙂
Pipe Cleaner Shamrock
To make these, follow my directions for making one-decade pipe cleaner rosaries, and then bend them into a shamrock shape. You can find directions for bending pipe cleaners into shamrocks here. I would suggest green beads and pipe cleaners but to each his own. 🙂 Teach your kids the story of St. Patrick while they’re making their shamrock rosaries.
Pipe Cleaner Shamrock on St. Patrick Paper

My kids watched Patrick, Brave Shepherd of the Emerald Isle while we made ours. This is such a cute movie for St. Patrick’s Day! My kids really enjoy the CCC movies.

I’m going to be hosting a St. Patrick’s Day liturgical link-up later this week, so get your St. Patrick’s Day posts ready! I love seeing all of your ideas!


  1. Mommy of 3 says

    This craft is super cute and look like a lot of fun! Great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Anonymous says

    I love this but I can't get mine to look like a shamrock?? any suggestions?

    • Use something like a spool that thread comes on and shape around it. Use three if you have them.

  3. Lacy @ Catholic Icing says

    Sure! After you make your rosary, visually separate the circle into thirds. Then "pinch" the pipe cleaner and make a crease in the 2 places between the thirds. These places are where it dents in around the shamrock petals. Shape the shamrock petals round with your fingers. You can also pinch the pipe cleaners back towards the shamrock stem around the cross. Putting the creases in the pipe cleaners should help you a lot with the shaping process. Hope this helps you! 🙂

  4. Thanks for the comment on our rosarys. My boys are little old for this craft, but were happy to have something new to add to our St. Patrick's day festivities. I apologize for not linking credit- I truly usually do when I can remember where I got an idea. I always appreciate the inspiration I get from your blog!!

  5. Jacqueline says

    Eeeek! Thank you soooo much! I have been searching the internet for over an hour trying to find something cute to do with my kids, this is just perfect! I’m a Catechist, but they don’t really give us anything fun to do with the kids besides typical words searches and cross word puzzels. My kids are going to love this. ^.^

    • Yay! I actually never thought word searches or cross word puzzles were much fun, but I know some kids do.

  6. I love this! I am a new subscriber to Catholic Icing and I enjoy your enthusiasm Lacy. Thank you so much for sharing these craft ideas. I am a youth minister at St. Patrick/St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Raton, NM. This is my first year teaching and I am blessed to be paired with the middle school kiddos, and tonight, we are going to utilize this craft during our family night! Muchas Gracias, and God Bless!