Teach Kids about the Trinity

Are you looking for ways to explain the Blessed Trinity to children? You’ve come to the right place! This ebook, Teach Catholic Kids About the Trinity, explains the Blessed Trinity to kids in a format that caters to them. (Also, scroll down for a list of crafts and activities for kids about the Trinity)

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This ebook includes:

  • An explanation of the Blessed Trinity in the form of a colorfully illustrated story. This book is written to be understood by children, and designed to be easily read to a child in one sitting.
  • Basic information about each person in the Trinity that you want your child to know.
  • Brief stories about St. Patrick and St. Augustine that relate to the Trinity.
  • Analogies to help your child ponder the Trinity.
  • A Trinity Song.
  • Trinity craft ideas.
  • Trinity meal and snack ideas.
  • Scripture memory verses about the Trinity.
  • Discussion topics.
  • A “How-to-Draw” for a Trinity symbol.
  • Tips for teaching children how to correctly make the sign of the cross.
  • Activity to test the strength of a triangle- like the Trinity.
  • A list of days that this book can be used fore.
  • Watercolor illustrations on every page!
  • A layout that is easy for kids to understand, and easy for mom to implement.

…all in a fun delivery that children will love! Your kids will ask you to read this book again and again! The diverse activities provided in the back of the book are sure to have something that appeals to your children/family. Hopefully, it even includes something you already have the supplies for!

Although these little booklets have colorful illustrations throughout, I have kept all of the backgrounds white with your printer ink in mind. In fact, this whole ebook can be printed on just 8 sheets of paper.

Trinity Crafts and Activities Included in the Book:

  • The Trinity Song for kids
  • Trinity Triangle Craft
  • One God Handprint Craft
  • Easy Pipe Cleaner Shamrock Craft
  • Shamrock Rosary Craft
  • How to Braid Cinnamon Rolls
  • Make Trinity Ice Cream Sundaes
  • How The Trinity is Like an Apple
  • Teaching Kids to Make the Sign of the Cross

Additional Resources:

  • Trinity Snowman Pop
  • St. Patrick Puppet (Easy with use of Saint Puppet Ebook)
  • Trinity Shamrock Lacing Craft
  • Decoupaged Shamrock Trinity Craft
  • St. Patrick’s Day link-up
  • Saint Patrick Pinterest Board
  • Whole World In His Hands Craft

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About the Series….

The “Teach Catholic Kids About…” Series is a set of children’s books to help explain the basics of the Faith to them. They are digestible, and can easily be read to children in one sitting. They hit all the high points of the topic, and cover the basics in a direct format. We work hard to insure that these are absolutely Theologically correct.

The idea is that if these church basics can be read in a children’s book form, they are going to be read again and again, rather than in a “classroom” environment where the topic will only be covered once. Children are also more receptive to this kind of integrated learning. Also, all of your kids can gather around to learn together, and promote family togetherness.

Purchase the pdf to print this book yourself now for $3!  
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How To Print In Booklet Form:

It’s a little confusing to print a booklet. I suggest for the cover to be cardstock. That means you need 1 piece of cardstock, 7 pieces of regular paper, and a little patience.

Put your piece of cardstock in your printer. Look at your pdf. Print page 1 of the pdf on the cardstock. Put the cardstock back into your printer. Print page 2 of the pdf on the back of the cardstock. Then put your paper in the printer. Print page 3 of the pdf, then print page 4 of the pdf on the back of that. Continue in the manner- pairing page 5 with page 6 (front back) and so on. Fold each piece of paper in half. After you have printed all the pages, use the page numbers printed on the booklet pages to assemble them in order. Staple the booklet. You’re done! 🙂

Expect More in the Series Soon!