Childrens Song for St. Patrick’s Day

As some of ya’ll already know, my 5 year old daughter loves to craft! But my 2 year old son… not so much, actually. However, I have found that he seems to respond really well to music! I’ve been trying to work more music into our activities, so we made up a little song for St. Patrick that goes with our Saint Patrick puppets. 🙂

St. Patrick's Day Paper Bag Puppet
This can also go with my St. Patrick from the Alphabet Saint set.
saint patrick craft for catholic kids- printable

So, I tried to figure out a way to sing a children’s song with a paper bag puppet on my hand in a you tube video without looking ridiculous, and basically determined there was no way around looking ridiculous… so I just went with it! 😉

Lyrics to St. Patrick’s Day Song: a song about the trinity for kids.
(Tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)
St. Patrick shows to you and me a shamrock for the trinity.
The Father and His only Son plus the Holy Spirit are 3 in 1…
St. Patrick shows to you and me a shamrock for the trinity.

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This really was a fun song to sing with our puppets, and kids eat stuff like this up with a spoon! Happy almost St. Patrick’s day everyone! 🙂

St. Patrick and Brigid Craft


  1. JOYfilled Family says


  2. Stacy @ Catholic Moms Helper says

    This is adorable! I know, my little ones (and big ones, though they hate to admit it!) love to sing. I put stuff they have to memorize to music often 🙂

  3. Love it!!

  4. Just taught it to my 8 year old and she loved it! Might even convince her to copy the words in her journal to sneak in a little dictation today! (She doesn't like writing!)


  5. You rock, Lacey!

  6. Lacy @ Catholic Icing says

    Thanks for the nice comments, guys! They make me feel a little bit less ridiculous. 🙂

    Love the other song, Martianne!

  7. Love the song!! You DO rock Lacy!!

    My kiddos keep asking to see it "again"!

  8. Martianne says

    Love it!

    You might like the song I included at my article with Real Life at Home too –

  9. Tiny Actions says

    Lacy…this is just perfect!!! I can't tell you how excited I am about this little song. We've been reading all about St. Patrick and my daughter wanted to know if there was a song about St. Patrick. It looks like you came through for me once again. Thanks!!!

  10. Thanks so much. It is just what I need for tomorrow with the littlies I have to teach. I had the story, game, craft and now the song. What a life saver you are.:) You know you are my favourite Blogger!

  11. Theresa B says

    This is great! I was feeling resourceful the other day, playing Irish music on Pandora while we did some crafting. I was so into the project that I wasn’t thinking about the lyrics until my three year old started singing along with the refrain: “beer, beer, beer, beer!”

    I like your song better!!

  12. I am a teacher in a small Catholic school. We have been talking about and getting ready for Easter for the past couple of weeks and my preschoolers decided they wanted to write a song. This is what we came up with. We hope you enjoy it!

    Easter’s coming!
    (tune: Jingle Bells)

    Easter’s coming! Easter’s coming!
    Easter’s on its way.
    Jesus Christ died on the cross in a loving way

    Easter’s coming! Easter’s coming!
    Easter’s on its way.
    Jesus Christ rose from the dead on that morning,

    Easter’s coming! Easter’s coming!
    Easter’s on its way.
    Thank you Jesus for your love and taking our sins away!

  13. Bernadette Gorman says

    Thks for sharing it with us…so simple and entertaining