Fun And Colorful Saint Book For Kids- Lacy’s Picks

I’m starting a new series called “Lacy’s Picks” where I can feature kid products that are absolute favorites in our home. These are not paid reviews, but products that are my personal favorites that I recommend to my friends. Because that’s how I like to think of ya’ll – as friends. 🙂  You can read more about Lacy’s Picks here.

lacy's picks- favorite catholic kids stufflacy's picks- favorite catholic kids stuff

Today I’m featuring a book I purchased for the kids for Christmas called Can You Find Saints?

can you find saints review- great book for Catholic kids!

This book is so adorable! It’s like a Catholic version of  “Where’s Waldo” or “I Spy“, and my kids love books like that! Each page spread is total Catholic eye candy! I was super impressed with how fun and colorful the pages were, and surprised to find such cute themes for the pages!

great saint book for kids

Some of the page spread themes include…

  • a page with the mysteries of the Rosary
  • a page with Saints from the Bible
  • a page with Saints from the Liturgy of the Mass (set at Mass with a depiction of the Last Supper)
  • a page dedicated to patron Saints, each shown with what they’re the patron of
  • a page with Saints who were Pope (set at the Vatican)
  • a page for Saints who founded orders of Nuns
  • a page for Saints who founded orders of Priests or Brothers
  • a page set up with calendar pages according to feast day
  • a page with Saints all over a world map

And more! All of the Saints are clearly labeled with their name, and in almost every tiny picture you are learning something just by looking at the page. All of the martyrs even have a special symbol on them! The pages also have lots of fun, silly things mixed in. On the nun page, you can see here that there’s a flying nun, and also the Sound of Music lady is running around in the background- lol!

funny nun page for catholic kids

It also has lot of good stuff to read to kids about Saints, etc. I really thought this was going to be only fun, but I’m really impressed with how much information is in here as well. I had a lot of fun reading it with my kids and searching for the hidden objects and people.

There are so many gems hidden through this book, we still haven’t found them all, since we recently did a Litany of Family Saints at our house, we searched the book for all of our patrons, and this book did not disappoint! We found each and every one of our patron Saints in here- the well known and the lesser known!

My patron Saints- St. Lucy (closest to “Lacy”) and St. Cecilia (confirmation Saint). See how St. Lucy has an eye and a martyr symbol, and St. Cecilia is surrounded by musical notes and organ pipes, also with a martyr symbol? I was so pleased with all the little touches like that in this book!

finding patron saints in saint book for kids

lacy's picks- favorite catholic kids stuff

Lydia was so excited when she spotted St. Lydia! We also filled in a Saint Information Page on Saint Lydia this year, so she was very excited to see her dying purple cloth!

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saint book for kids- saint lydia

I was personally shocked that we actually found St. Julian, but again, Julian was very excited! St. Julian is the patron of a lot of things, but we did not know he was the patron of circus workers until we found him in this book.

saint julian book for catholic kids

We really had the most trouble finding St. Therese (who I kept assuring the kids was bound to be in this book) and it was because she was up in an airplane. lol!

fun saint book for catholic kids

I won’t bore you with more pictures of our particular patron Saints, but if you’re looking for a great gift idea for Catholic kids, I fully recommend this book and will be purchasing one for my Goddaughter for her birthday. 🙂 This is also a great book to bring to Mass for pre-readers.

There are a few more books in this series including Can you Find Jesus?, Can You Find Followers of Jesus?, and Can You Find Bible Heroes? that I would like to collect in the future.

What my kids say about this book:

Lydia (age 7) says “I think it’s really cool that all of our patron Saints are in the book. I like how you can find different things in the book like the crosses and stuff.”

Julian (age 5) says “I really like this book. I like finding stuff and looking and finding Saint Julian.”

So to sum up, yes, the kids really like this book. It’s a lot of fun. 🙂

can you find saints- fun books for Catholic kids

You can check out all of Lacy’s Picks here. You can also find more of  my favorite products in my Amazon store. What are some of your favorite Saint books for kids?

Disclaimer- there is none. I purchased this book with my own money, have never spoken to the people who made it, and am recommending it entirely on my own with no agenda other than wanting to share a great Catholic product for children with other moms. If you click and purchase it through my site, I do receive a small commission from Amazon, but that’s not why I wrote this post. Thanks for reading!


  1. What a fun book! I think I will put this on my list for my kids. Do you think it is “grown-up” enough for a First Communion gift or do you think it is for younger kids? Our Godson’s First Communion is coming up.

    • Yes, it would be great as a First Communion gift. Fun for all ages (including that I loved it!) 🙂

  2. Thanks! I just ordered one for my daughter’s fourth birthday next month. It is sure to be a hit!

  3. I’ve just ordered one, thanks for sharing!

  4. CCC of America says

    As fans of Where is Waldo? We find this book absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing it with us Lacy

  5. Hi Lacy,

    I’ve only commented on your blog a few times in the past, but I routinely check in because everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) you do is amazing. My mother (a Catholic school teacher) and I talk about finding things here all the time and compare notes.

    Anyway, I’m shooting a blog award your way. It’s called the Sunshine Award and given how awesome your website is at raining down the Good Lord’s sun on everyone, I wanted to pass it your way.

    Thank you so much for everything you do. Really. The resources you share and the lengths you go to spread the Catholic message… it’s inspiring. Thanks.


  6. Looks fun! My kids love “finding books” and it seems like they would learn from this one.

  7. Your disclosure had me laughing! You have an amazing talent for writing…thanks for sharing it with us all.