Great Stuff For Catholic Kids- Gift Ideas!

I wanted a place to share all of my favorite Catholic children’s products with you, and here it is! Each item has a post about it, so you can scroll down and click for more information about things you’re interested in.

lacy's picks- favorite catholic kids stuff

*NOTE* These are not paid reviews!!!! You cannot pay for your Catholic item to be featured as a “Lacy’s Pick”, they are only things that I (Lacy) personally pick and choose to feature. Some of the Catholic children’s things I have in my home were given to me for free due to this blog, but I don’t let that play into what I choose to feature here. If you have a Catholic children’s product you’d like me to know about, you can contact me about sending one, but again, that is no guarantee that it will become a “Lacy’s Pick”.

Even though I’m incredibly cheap thrifty, there are always those occasions when you need to buy Catholic kid stuff, such as…

  • gift for Baptism
  • gift for First Communion
  • gift for Godchild
  • religious birthday presents
  • religious Christmas presents
  • religious Easter basket stuffers
  • or sometimes just for fun! 😉

In any case, as long as you’re actually spending money, here are some things I think are truly worth the price tag.

Stations of the Cross CD

Can You Find Saints?

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Easter Books For Kids

Preschool Curriculum

Favorite Stuff From Holy Heroes

CCC Movies

Ignatus Children’s Books

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  1. Just thought of a few items that our family finds at the top of our list: Brother Francis DVDs and cds. The Let’s Pray DVD is a favorite but all of them are great Catholic lessons without being too cheesy. They have catchy little songs that you find yourself singing while cleaning the house or working on homeschool lessons. They also are fairly accurate on our Catholic faith that is age appropriate for younger children. I hear in March they are releasing a new DVD on the Mass.

    We also were excited that St. Mary’s Press put out a Catholic Children’s Bible that isn’t a book of Bible stories but a full Catholic bible. The words are child friendly without straying too much from the “adult” version words. My beginning reader likes that he is able to read words in this real bible. I like that I can say a book of the bible, chapter, and verse and we can truly look it up together!

    I hope that helps out other Catholic families when looking into materials that might enhance their Catholic learning. Thanks for your website and your resources.

  2. For anyone looking for good children’s DVD’s , I agree with some of the others that the Brother Francis DVD’s are wonderful. I have them all except the Christmas one, The mass is great – I’ve used them all for my Faith Formation classes and the students like them. I don’t have a favorite they are all good. The Christmas DVD is on my list to purchase before next year.
    I’ve also used the Resurrection eggs and Benjamin’s box book with the eggs. My grandchildren and students liked them also. Now I’m looking for Palm Sunday material.