Blackberry Dragon Fruit Smoothie Recipe For Michaelmas

The feast day of St. Michael and the Archangels comes around every year on September 29, and we just love to celebrate this day! Sometimes this day is called Michaelmas, and you can find all of my resources for celebrating Michaelmas with kids here. Since this day is traditionally celebrated by eating blackberries, I thought we would try making some easy smoothies. So fun! Let me show you how to make your own blackberry dragon fruit smoothie recipe for Michaelmas step by step! 

The Legend Of St. Michael And The Blackberries

It is said that when St. Michael cast Lucifer (Satan) into Hell, that he landed in a prickly blackberry bush. Satan was so mad that he spit upon the blackberries, cursing them and turning them sour. Since this happened on the feast of St. Michael, it is traditional to pick blackberries before September 29 when Satan curses them. So on Michaelmas, we eat all the blackberries that have been picked!

You can read more about the St. Michaelmas and blackberries here, and you can find my recipe for Michaelmas blackberry pie here.

St. Michael Printable Craft For Kids

I have this St. Michael, St. Raphael, and St. Gabriel printable pack that is perfect for celebrating this feast day with your family! Every age will love coloring these, and they turn into an easy a beautiful table centerpiece. You can also print these in full color if you don’t want to color them yourself.

I think all of our feast day celebrations are more festive with table decorations, and this one was perfect for these smoothies!

Making Blackberry Michaelmas Smoothies

I also thought it would be cool to include dragon fruit in these smoothies to make them more fun, interesting, and special.

Y’all… I did NOT expect for the dragon fruit to be SO COLORFUL!!! I have never cut open such a vibrant fruit in my life! The kids and I all got a big kick out of this when we cut it open! Look at this hot pink juice that comes out of these things!

Now you can also buy white dragon fruit, so I would strongly suggest grabbing a red one for this because the bright red smoothie seems so festive for St. Michael, who is often depicted in red. Once you slice it open in quarters, the outside will peel right off, making it super easy to slice and serve.

I would definitely suggest letting your kids try a piece at this point. We found it to be very flavorless, but the color was such a wow factor that I still recommend trying it out.

Now, cut the dragon fruit into chunks to make it ready for the blender.

Start by putting about 3 handfuls of ice in your blender, then add the dragon fruit chunks.

Then I added about a cup of frozen berries (because I’m way too cheap to buy enough expensive berries for a smoothie lol). I kept our fresh blackberries as a garnish. 

Then, add just enough water to your blender so that it can mix the ice and berries, 1/2 a cup at a time.

If desired, add sugar. I added 1/4 of a cup of sugar to ours as again, the dragon fruit was tasteless. 

Blend it up!

Again, the color on these in real life is AMAZING! I almost added some Greek yogurt, and I’m willing to be it would have turned it a hot pink color, but I just loved this deep red tone for St. Michael, so I left it as is. On any normal basis, I would have sweetened with fruit juice and added spinach and yogurt, BUT… this is a celebration smoothie lol. So I left it extra special.

You definitely want to serve these smoothies in clear cups to showcase this color! I usually have a policy against serving in glass glasses with kids, but this one was worth it! Garnish the top with your blackberries and serve right away. 

My kids usually like to drink smoothies with straws, and I often buy the fat ones so no pieces get stuck in there.

When we started drinking these, the kids were thrilled! This was a super fun and easy way to celebrate.

I loved having a fall themed sunflower centerpiece for these as well. So festive for the time of year, and again with the dark red for St. Michael.

Full Smoothie Recipe

  • 3 handfuls of ice
  • 1 red dragon fruit, cut into chunks
  • 1 cup frozen berries
  • fresh blackberries
  • 1/4 cup water

Keep your fresh blackberries to the side as a garnish. Put all other ingredients into a blender and blend until smoothie is smooth. Garnish at the top with your fresh blackberries.

Don’t miss my recipe for Michaelmas blackberry pie! 

More Resources For Michaelmas

If you are looking for more ideas to celebrate Michaelmas with your family this year, be sure to check out my article all about St. Michael’s feast day.

Also, you can find all of my resources for celebrating September feast days here.

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