Catholic St. Patrick’s Day Fun Food Ideas For Kids

The feast of St. Patrick is coming up, and I love these St. Patrick’s Day food ideas I’ve been seeing around! Just remember when you’re making St. Patrick’s Day treats this year, the shamrock is the tool that St. Patrick used to explain the trinity- 3 in one! You can find all of my Catholic ways of celebrating St. Patrick’s day here, so don’t get sucked into the ever-growing popularity of the 4 leaf clover this St. Patrick’s day, stick with the shamrock. And rather than creating rainbow or leprechaun treats this year, lets check out some fun Catholic St. Patrick’s day food ideas to celebrate the actual feast of St. Patrick! 🙂

Saint Patrick Fun Food Ideas

We love to have liturgical tea parties and Saint Patrick’s day is no exception! You can check out our past St. Patrick’s day tea party here, and the ideas in this post would be perfect for throwing your own! 

Actual Saint Patrick Food Ideas

I am going to start with the food ideas that actual feature St. Patrick or something about him as a Saint, and we will move onto the shamrock/trinity/green stuff a little farther down. Let’s start the ideas! 

I made these Saint Patrick cookies without any special cookie cutters or any special cookie decorating skills whatsoever. See how to make your own St. Patrick cookies here.

Saint Patrick Cookies

Check out how easy it is to cut a miter out of a green apple slice! For extra fun, you can make crosiers out of pie crust sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. My full directions and recipe for these are on Catholic Digest

Saint Patrick's Day snack miter and crosier

Or make some simple miter cookies using your candy cane cookie cutter. Don’t forget to color your sugar cookie dough green first! 😉

Green Crosier Sugar Cookies

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Fun Shamrock Shaped Food Ideas For St. Patrick’s Day

The shamrock is a great shape to make for St. Patrick’s day because it’s how St. Patrick taught about the Trinity! One shamrock, 3 leaves just like the Trinity is 3 persons in 1 God. For this reason I always make shamrock shaped things rather than 4 leaf clovers, which really don’t make since for St. Patrick’s day. 

I love love love making shamrock shaped cinnamon rolls for my kids. So fun and easy!

Shamrock shaped cinnamon rolls with green sugar

I have made Irish corned beef shamrock pinwheels with cream cheese, parsley, and green tortillas. You can find my full directions on Catholic Digest.

Saint Patrick's Day shamrock pinwheels

Try making the Shamrock Pretzels from Family Fun.
Shamrock pretzels with green sugar
These shamrock pretzel bites from That’s What Che Said are mega cute and look fairly easy to put together.
Shamrock Pretzel Bites
Try making these mint shamrock cupcakes I found over on Growing with My Girls. She actually has a whole spread of St. Patrick’s day food over there!
Cupcake tower with chocolate cupcakes with shamrock toppings
These shamrock shaped cupcakes from Moscato Mom don’t require any special pan to make them- click over to see her clever trick!
Shamrock Smiling Cupcake
Check out how easy these shamrock cookies are from Little Family Fun! They don’t even require a shamrock shaped cookie cutter. So smart!
Green Shamrock Sugar Cookies
These clever shamrock shaped thumbprint cookies from Munchkin Munchies are also clever and look fun and easy to bake!
Shamrock Thumbprint Cookies

Make meringue cookies, dye them green, and pipe them in the shape of shamrocks in honor of the trinity. My full directions for this are on Catholic Digest.

Saint Patrick's Day Trinity mirangue cookies

Fun Irish Food Ideas For St. Patrick’s Day

I am so in love with these Celtic Knot Cookies from Sprinkle Bakes. I might have to try these! The simple directions make them look much easier to make than you would think, and the results are striking. 
Celtic knot shaped cookie with powdered sugar
Love this Celtic Cross cake from Cottage Blessings! It looks like she used a cut-up paper plate and stuck into the cake for the circle. Cute!
Celtic cross cake with green frosting
Mom Endeavors has some really great directions for putting together a healthy Irish themed vegetable platter for St. Patrick’s day. So cute!!!
Diced vegetables and cheeses

Go Green For St. Patrick’s Day!!!

Check out this list of ideas of green food you can serve to kids for St. Patrick’s day.
  • Green Apples
  • Broccoli
  • Cucumbers
  • Pickles
  • Green Tea
  • Green food color in milk
  • Olives
  • Salad
  • Green Peppers
  • Green tortilla shells with peanut butter and bananas
  • Green Jell-O
  • Avacados

2 Healthy Kitchens has some great directions for putting together some shamrock skewers if you’re looking for some naturally green healthy treats for kids.

Green Vegetable Kebab



  1. How about broccoli soup with pureed spinach to make it even MORE green?
    Kiwi and pear shakes?
    (I try to go with the healthy treats)

  2. Hey, I made the pretzels shamrocks today with my children at home and with my 4th grade CCD class. I used green icing instead of melting chocolate. They were a HUGE hit! Thanks for the inspiration! I'm looking forward to browsing your site for ideas to spice up my classes and our religious ed here at home!

  3. K. Sacilowski says

    I like gummy worms (Snakes).