Saint Patrick Cookies For Catholic Kids (No Special Cookie Cutter Needed!)

We just love to celebrate Saint Patrick’s day when we are living the Liturgical year! I just love these cookies because they look like Saint Patrick himself! Also, no special cookie decorating skills or cookie cutters are needed. That makes these cheap and easy for mom! You can find all of my resources for celebrating St. Patrick with Catholic kids here. I can’t wait to show you how to make these easy St. Patrick cookies for Catholic kids!

You can start by making your favorite sugar cookie dough recipe. Here is a good basic sugar cookie recipe if you don’t already have one you use and love. 

When you roll out your dough, rather than cutting with cutters, cut a circle out of your dough with a knife around the edge of a mixing bowl. Then take the circle and use a pizza cutter to slice it just like a pizza! Each little triangle becomes one Saint Patrick! 

Best Ever Cookie Icing Recipe For Non-Cookie Decorators 

This is my very very favorite cookie icing recipe of all times! It is a cookie icing recipe for non cookie decorators, which is perfect for me! 

This icing is great because it paints on with a paintbrush, and it dries shiny. It kind of glazes the cookie a bit without being thick or really totally covering the cookie. It’s my mom’s special recipe and we used it every year when I was a little girl to paint fun Easter egg cookies! Now I’m going to share it with all of you. Here we go!

Ingredients Needed For Cookie Icing:

  • 1 cup of heavy whipping cream
  • 4 Tablespoons of powdered (or confectioner’s) sugar
  • Green food coloring (and a little red for cheeks as well)

You’re also going to need typical white decorating icing for this. You can make your own and bag it or you can buy it in those ready-to-go tubes. 

Stir the cream and powdered sugar together with a spoon. You will need to put it in 2 different bowls- one to be tinted green, and the other to be tinted red with food coloring. You don’t need too much red because it’s only for the cheeks. 

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That’s it! It’s a runny icing and it’s kind of like water color painting the cookies! It’s super easy to do and can be painted onto the cookies using regular (but clean) paint brushes or even q-tips!

Paint the cookie green at the top and also at the bottom, leaving the middle part cookie colored for St. Patrick’s face. Then make 2 red dots for his “cheeks”.

Now take your regular white decorating icing and pipe on 2 eyes, a curly beard, a crosier (shepherd’s staff) and a cross on the top of his miter (or Bishop’s hat).

Isn’t he so cute and easy to decorate? I just love serving these little guys for Saint Patrick’s day!