Catholic Prayer For Ukraine (And Free Prayer Printables!)

Ukraine is in need of prayers and help right now in light of the current war, and this free printable prayer pack was created as a way to help facilitate families to easily pray for Ukraine. If you display these printables in your home, or keep the prayer card in a place you see it each day, it can prompt you to pray for the people of Ukraine often. So let’s take a look at the Catholic prayer for Ukraine and printable prayer resources. 

About Ukrainian Greek Catholics

About 9% of Ukraine is Ukrainian Greek Catholic, which is in full union with Rome. Roman Catholics are not the only type of Catholics, and to understand this better, be sure to check out our article on Eastern Catholics 101

You can also read about many of the most loved Ukrainian Greek Catholic devotions here, which includes the story of Our Lady of Zarvanytsia. The prayer included in this printable pack as well as several of the art pieces included are of Our Lady of Zarvanytsia. 

This is especially dangerious and horrific for the Ukrainian Catholics as their faith was literally outlawed under Russian control. Now is the time to unite with Ukraine, pray for them, and stand with them in every way we can! 

Catholic Prayer For Ukraine

O Lord our God, look down with mercy on the Ukrainian people. Protect and save them from the unjust aggressors who seek to subdue them. Grant them steadfast trust in your mercy and protection. 

O Mother of God, who gave us your miraculous icon at Zarvanytsia, intercede for the Ukrainian people, who run to the shelter of your mercy in their times of need. 

O Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us. Grant peace and protection to the people of Ukraine. Give them strength and courage to defend what is good, right, and holy. Keep them safe from harm and provide for all their needs, both temporal and spiritual. 

Hear our prayers, O Lord, and deliver us from distress, for You are merciful and compassionate and love mankind. To You we give glory: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, now and forever and ever. Amen.

Prayer written by Carrie Chuff, a Ukrainian Greek Catholic mom and contributing writer at Catholic Icing.

Printable Prayer Card Pack

This printable prayer pack is free for everyone to print, and it includes many versions of the prayer so that however you would like to display it in your home, you can find something that fits you. 

The following pages and versions are available in this printable pack:

  • The story of Our Lady of Zarvanytsia
  • Prayer cards with this prayer for Ukraine
  • Prayer stand up triptych (perfect for displaying)
  • Ukrainian Saint art (this can be displayed in a “certificate frame” from the Dollar Tree or any 8.5×11 frame)
  • Candle wrap to tape around a tall glass candle (often available for $1 at the Dollar Tree, grocery store, or Wal-Mart)
  • Coloring page of Our Lady of Zarvanytsia icon
  • Full page prayer surrounded with sunflowers (the national flower of Ukraine) 
  • Prayer cards with the coloring page on the front and a simple prayer for kids (quoting Pope Francis) on the back

Download Your Pray For Ukraine Pack Here!

You can download your own pray for Ukraine pack now, totally for free, by clicking the blue button below.

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Where You Can Donate

This downloadable pack is completely free- I just want families to remember the Ukrainian people in their prayers. However, if you feel called to donate to the cause, this Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Eparchy of St. Josaphat, other Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Eparchies in the USA, and many other Catholic organizations are fundraising humanitarian support for Ukraine. Click here to support.

St. Josaphat Eparchy Logo

Please continue to pray for the people of Ukraine.

More “Stand With Ukraine” Resources For Catholic Kids

Angie from Real Life At Home has some coloring pages to help kids think through their emotions about all of this. 

Pray for Ukraine and Stand with Ukraine Free Coloring Pages

Lazy Liturgical has this printable page with Ukrainian Saints that kids can color. This one is a $5 download, but all proceed from this item will be sent to the Voices of Children foundation which focuses on psychological help for Ukrainian children who are affected by war.

Donation: Ukrainian saints pray for Ukraine printable coloring image 1

More Resources:

You can find all of the Catholic Icing resources about Lent here

You can find more resources for Byzantine moms here


  1. Thank you Lacey, Angie, Carrie and Jenna! My heart is breaking for these people and their neighboring countries.

  2. Blessings to you Lacey and team. These free printables will help my children who are extremely worried for their sponsored child and family in the Ukraine. It is great to have something tangible they can use to pray with.

  3. Thank you so much! I just wanted to double check – is it okay to print multiple prayer cards to give out to my child’s classmates/my own students?
    Thank you so much for making these available.

  4. I’m wondering about the other artwork in the packet, other than the Our Lady of Zarvanytsia. Do you know the title or can you tell us anything more about it?

  5. Thank you for creating this! I know it says in the file not to copy and distribute, but I didn’t know if it would be okay to print just the prayer cards to give my children’s classes? I want to be respectful of your copyright. Thanks!

  6. These are fantastic, what a great add-on to our homeschool curriculum today. Praying for Ukraine and the conversion of Russia (and all world leaders, for that matter). THANK YOU!

  7. Mary Sullivan says

    Hi. I want to print the Prayer for Ukraine with the icon of Our Lady of Zarvantytsia. Our church community is contributing to the efforts to help the people and committing to praying (Daylesford Abbey, Berwyn, PA). I would like to have some of the prayer cards to distribute. . But I can’t figure out how to print just the prayer card with the beautiful icon of Our Lady of Zarvanytsia without asking for the whole prayer packet.

    • Hi Mary –

      The whole packet is free to download in this post. You’ll need to download the whole thing and then just print the pages that you want.

      Angie, Catholic Icing Business Manager