Marker Comparison- Crayola, Crayola Signature, Prismacolor, and Beyond!

Exciting news, everyone! Since coming out with my new Catholic How To Draw video the other day, I have had such an overwhelming positive response and so many requests for more, that I have decided to post a new Catholic How To Draw video each Friday!!! Yay! So be sure to subscribe to my channel so you don't miss any! I'm going to go ahead and commit to posting these through the end of 2019 and … [Read more...]

Encouraging Independent Prayer For Kids- A Tool To Get Started

For Lent, I'm really trying to get the message of pray, fast, & give alms to my kids. I'm working to include each aspect, and I wanted them to be doing some independent prayer. We have used my independent prayer rings in the past, but it's always nice to offer something new- I love having multiple tools in my toolbox! So this Lent, my kids are using Michelle's Give Him 5 Program for all 40 … [Read more...]

Tell Me About The Catholic Faith (and more) – Book Reviews

Today, I'm reviewing some of the books from the Ignatius Press / Magnificat line for children. Overall, I'll say that I'm impressed. It always puts a smile on my face to see quality stuff put out for Catholic kids. :-) I opened the Tell Me About The Catholic Faith book and was instantly thrilled with the adorable and colorful illustrations throughout the book! One of the things I … [Read more...]

Great Stuff For Catholic Kids- Gift Ideas!

I wanted a place to share all of my favorite Catholic children's products with you, and here it is! Each item has a post about it, so you can scroll down and click for more information about things you're interested in. *NOTE* These are not paid reviews!!!! You cannot pay for your Catholic item to be featured as a "Lacy's Pick", they are only things that I (Lacy) personally pick and choose … [Read more...]