Make a Holy Water Bottle Craft with Catholic Kids

We made these Holy Water Bottle Necklaces when Anabelle was Baptized, and this was such a fun craft for Baptism! It got the kids involved, gave them something to look forward to, kept them occupied, and I got to teach the kids about Holy Water. Score! :-) How to Make a Holy Water Bottle Craft Making this Holy Water Bottle Craft was super easy and the kids really enjoyed it! Supplies Needed … [Read more...]

Baby Present Ideas for the Mother Who Already Has Everything

It's bound to happen in our awesome, Catholic, no-birth-control-using circles, right? You have a friend that's having a baby, and it's number 2, 3, 4, or 12. You love her and want to get something to celebrate this new life, and that's great! Trust me, there are plenty of things you need or want for your second baby that you don't already have. (Keep in mind, this list is coming from someone who … [Read more...]

A Meaningful Baptism Gift Idea

It's so hard to find just the right present for a Baptism. Something that will be meaningful (especially if you are the Godparent) but nothing too "trinkety" that doesn't have a place in a house. If you're looking for a special gift for your Godchild, I think you'll like this idea. I had seen people bringing their own shells for baptisms (rather than using the one at the church), but I … [Read more...]

Easy Jesus Christmas Craft- Make A Sock Baby Jesus With No Sewing!!!

I know that this sock baby really looks like it has been sewn, but trust me, this is SO easy to make- it's just cleverly put together and I'm going to show you how. I developed this craft for the preschool class I'm teaching at our homeschool co-op this year. My class is very young, so I wanted to make a cuddly Baby Jesus that they could hold and love. Mission complete. And I have to tell … [Read more...]

Away in a Manger Christmas Cookies

We made these super easy Baby Jesus cookies for Lydia's Christmas pageant yesterday, and I wanted to share them with you. They're super easy to make, don't involve any cooking at all, and even kids can make them. Even the cookies I decorated I did with 1 hand as I bounced Anabelle on my left hip. (Yep, she's at that age...) Supplies Needed to make Baby Jesus Cookies: Nutter Butter … [Read more...]

Baby Jesus Crafts and Activities for Christmas

If you're going to take the time to craft with kids this time of year, you may as well make it meaningful, and concentrate on what's really going on. After all, Jesus is the reason for the season! Many of these can also be tweaked to make a manger for Baby Jesus that you add a piece of straw to each time to do a good deed or make a sacrifice. The more you do during Advent, the softer Baby Jesus' … [Read more...]

Pro Life Activities for Kids

With the National March for Life coming up in a few weeks, I've got pro-life stuff on the brain. I live in the DC area and would love to go to the march, but I always end up wimping out because I don't think I can handle my kids in the cold downtown all by myself. Still, we're going to be working on some pro-life crafts and such the week of the march, so I thought I would share some ideas with … [Read more...]

Religious Candy Cane Craft

Catholic ABC's Week: 15 Letter of the week: J Theme: Jesus Saint of the Week: St. Joseph Craft: J is for Jesus Candy Cane Craft This week at my preschool co-op, we're learning about the letter "j". It was pretty easy to pick what "j" is for... Jesus! Last year I saw this craft over on Muffin Tin Mom and I've just been waiting for a chance to make it! Isn't it the cutest? I wish I had … [Read more...]

Emmanuel Craft for Kids

Catholic ABC's Week: 10 Letter of the week: E  Theme: Emmanuel Saint of the Week: St. Elizabeth Craft: Emmanuel Craft   This craft is so cute and children of just about any age can make it! This Baby Jesus craft would obviously also work well for a Christmas craft. Supplies Needed to Complete this Craft: Popsicle Sticks (we used jumbo popsicle sticks) Shredded crumple paper … [Read more...]

Make a Mother Teresa Costume

Any of you looking for last minute costume ideas for All Saints' Day? I know I am! How about making a Mother Teresa costume from a pillow case, a single bed sheet, and a roll of blue painter's tape? Read on my friends, read on! Little Violet is going to be Mother Teresa for our All Saints' Dayparty tomorrow. She's too small for a sheet, so I cut down some white fabric. The best part??? This … [Read more...]