Adoration Craft for Catholic Kids

Pope Francis is having the first worldwide hour of Eucharistic Adoration on the feast of Corpus Christi (which means Body of Christ). Corpus Christi is falling on June 2 for 2013- that’s this coming Sunday! The Vatican is holding this hour from 5-6 in Rome, and we’re all supposed to adjust for our own time zone.

Here are the starting times for the worldwide hour of Eucharistic Adoration in the United States:

  • 11am Eastern
  • 10am Central
  • 9am Mountain
  • 8am Pacific

I made this simple craft to get kids involved with this day of Adoration.

worldwide eucharistic adoration craft for catholic kids

I’m going to call this the mix-and-match-Monstrance-craft because there are a lot of variations you can use!

Start with the world- this is really simple to make. I used this technique with a coffee filter, some markers, and a little water splatter.

To craft the Monstrance, I simply folded up a piece of paper (like I was cutting a paper snowflake) but I used yellow instead of white. I folded another piece of paper in half long ways to cut out a stand for the Monstrance, and a little cross for the top.

monstrance before cutting

For the middle, I made the same Jesus flap that shows the true presence in the Eucharist for kids.

You could also pair the world with a doily Monstrance, or a handprint Monstrance. Likewise, you could use your profile to make the stand if you want.

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Just glue all the pieces down with a glue stick. We glued ours to half a piece of black poster board- I love how the colors pop on the black background!

adoration craft for catholic kids

That’s it- fast and easy.

world wide hour of eucharistic adoration corpus christi w

Or if you want, you can make your own 3D Monstrance out of pool noodles. See? So many possibilities!

Don’t forget to join in for this worldwide hour of Adoration with your kids!

adoration in catholic church

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