Monstrance Craft for Catholic Kids

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This week in my co-op class, we made this host and chalice craft, my younger class made these handprint Monstrance crafts. They came out so cute! This would be a great craft for First Communion.

monstrance craft for catholic kids

Supplies Needed for Monstrance Craft:

  • 1/2 piece of poster board
  • pencil
  • yellow crayon or marker
  • washable yellow paint
  • white paper
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • Jesus sticker or printed picture (small)
  • paper plate

Start with a half a piece of poster board, because the handprints will make this fairly large. Draw the bottom of the monstrance for younger children (older kids can do this on their own). In the simpilist form, this is a half a circle at the bottom, then a long skinny rectangle with a circle on top. Let the kids color this in with yellow markers or crayons. I was really surprised at how fast my preschoolers colored these in!

Once it’s colored, put yellow paint on a paper plate. Dip the child’s hand, and stamp handprints all the way around the Monstrance, turning the poster board as you work go around the circle. You only need to dip in the paint for every other handprint.

monstrance craft for Catholic kids

I rarely get pictures like these. Thanks, Kelly! 🙂 Below is me with my daughter, Violet.

monstrance craft for Catholic kids

This next one is me with my beautiful niece. She and her family were staying with us for awhile, but they’ve moved out now. Such a cutie!

monstrance craft with handprints

Then we made little circle-shaped books with Jesus stickers inside, just like the ones that go with the silhouette chalice craft. This helps to show the true presence for the kids!

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monstrance craft with Jesus

Attach the host in the middle with a glue stick. When we were all done, the kids got to walk down to the adoration chapel and see the real Monstrance. They loved it!

handprint monstrance craft

That’s it- hang it up in your kid’s room! 🙂

Adapting this project:

If you were brave enough to use acrylic paint rather than washable paint, you could sprinkle it with gold glitter while the paint was wet. If you’re working with older kids, they could paint the whole thing rather than using crayones. You could also decorate the Monstrance with glitter glue or stick on jewels. With older kids, you could also have them trace their hands on yellow paper and cut the handprints out, gluing them around the Monstrance.

My art class that I teach to the preschoolers is only a 30 minute class, and I have 8 of them, so this is all we had time for. It was awesome- the kids and parents both loved it.

Find all of my First Communion Resources for Kids here.

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  1. Jamie Jo says

    OOOOh, I like the handprint monstrance!! Thanks for sharing it with us!!

  2. Elizabeth says

    Gathering all my supplies for my last class before my students make their first holy communion. THANK YOU!!!!!

  3. Where did you find the stickers of Jesus? Or are they printed and glued down? Thanks! I simply love this site!