How To Make A Pool Noodle Sacred Heart

During the month of June which is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, I wanted to make something really big and fun to celebrate- a giant Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary out of pool noodles! These can be used as a large yard ornament, a door hanging, and also a fun outdoor game for kids! This is actually a small part of my full Sacred Heart VBS program for kids to use at home. so be sure to check that out! Today I’m going to show you how to make a pool noodle Sacred Heart of Jesus. 


While this is a craft that kids may enjoy playing with, it’s not a craft for kids to make. You have to use a sharp knife, and it’s too difficult for kids to do it. So it’s a craft for adults. 

Supplies Needed To Craft Sacred Heart:

  • 2 Red pool noodles
  • Clear packing tape
  • Orange fake flowers
  • Yarn or twine
  • Brown rope (optional)
  • Serrated knife
  • Frisbee
  • Printable crown of thorns
  • Regular clear tape
  • Wire cutters (To cut the fake flowers. Wire cutters can be found at the back of most pairs of pliers.) 

Supplies Needed To Craft Immaculate Heart:

  • 2 pink pool noodles
  • Fake roses (optional) 
  • Supplies listed above

When I went shopping for the supplies to make these, I started at the Dollar Tree. That is a really great place to find a lot of these supplies super cheap! Starting with the pool noodle display outside…

I was also able to grab some “flame” flowers, which were orange and lily shaped. Other shapes could work. I think also an orange loofah from the shower section could work well as flames for the heart.

I also found this rope at the Dollar Tree in the crafting aisle.

You can also find tape and a frisbee at the Dollar Tree. So if you already have tape and a knife at home, you can make this whole craft for just $5 including the frisbee! 

So here are my gathered supplies to make the Sacred Heart pool noodle.

Take one of your pool noodles and make a cut with your knife at a 45 degree angle like this.

Take your second pool noodle, and make the same cut on the one end. You will now have 2 separate pool noodles with an angle cut at the bottom in the shape of a large “V”. Use your clear packing tape to wrap around a few times to hold them together, making a point.

Curve the pool noodles in at the top. Make another cut- this one needs to be a sharper angle than the 45 degrees. Then cut the other one at a sharp angle as well on the side they will curve in together as shown in the picture below. 

Curve these 2 ends of the pool noodles in together and it will create a heart shape. If it doesn’t, adjust your cuts. 

Fix these ends of the pool noodle together with clear packing tape as well by wrapping it around and around. 

Yay! You have created a giant heart out of pool noodles!

Now let’s make it into a Sacred Heart.

Take your fake flowers and cut them so they each have about 2 inches of green wire remaining at the bottom of the flower. 

Now you just insert the wire flower stems into the pool noodle. So easy! They just stick right into the foam like a flower arrangement. 

These are the for flames coming out of the top of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

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If you want to make an Immaculate Heart, repeat the process with your pink pool noodles (or in my case a different shade of red as I wasn’t able to hunt down pink). Now you have 2!

If you’re using it to play the frisbee toss game with kids, you can stop here! Just use 2 pieces of yarn or string to suspend it from the branch of a tree and it’s ready for frisbee tossing. 

If you’re using it as a decoration, you can take it a step farther by adding a “crown of thorns” through the Sacred Heart with brown rope, and a string of roses through the Immaculate Heart with fake roses.

This is what it looks like to add the rope and roses. 

For the rope: I tied it to one side of the pool noodle, twisted the rope around each other, then tied it to the other side of the pool noodle.

For the roses: I cut the roses loose from their bouquet, and used the wire stems to wrap around the next rose and twit it around like a twisty tie. That made a chain of roses. 

I bent the last rose to have a hook on the end, and poked that into one side of the pool noodle heart. On the other side I wrapped the last rose around the pool noodle and twisted the wire together to hold it.

Aren’t they cute?! These will make a really cute decoration for your week of vacation bible school, plus it turns into a really fun game for kids!

There is a part of my Sacred Heart video for kids that explains how to make this into a full game for kids during VBS week. 

The full program also includes a printable crown of thorns to tape to the top of your frisbee so you’re tossing the crown of thorns through the heart. 

Be sure to check out the full Summer With The Sacred Heart program here.

I also have some easy to follow directions on how to make a big pool noodle rosary! Be sure to check that out. Both of these crafts are super fun and larger than life!

Another super fun Catholic pool noodle craft- how to make a pool noodle monstrance here.

The month of June is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and you can find my other resources for celebrating June feast days with kids here. 
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