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Epiphany House Blessing with Chalk (Symbols For 2022)

The Epiphany house blessing of the door is a really great Catholic tradition for families. We love to bless our door every year on the Epiphany! It's very simple to do, it's not complicated or scary, and you can do it yourself. All you need is a piece of chalk! You can take your piece of chalk to mass with you on the Epiphany and have your priest bless it, or you can bless the chalk yourself. I … [Read more...]

Golden Epiphany Eggnog- A Symbolic Liturgical Recipe

The Epiphany is 12 days after Christmas and is the day that the 3 kings arrived to visit Baby Jesus. Many families celebrate Christmas all the way through the Epiphany and it's a really great way to keep the Christmas season going! Our family loves to celebrate the liturgical year and you can find all of my resources for celebrating the Epiphany with kids here. There are many ways to enjoy this … [Read more...]

Celebrating the Epiphany With Catholic Kids

There are many traditions for celebrating the Epiphany that stem from all over the world! From King's cake to chalking your door, I have a great round up of Epiphany traditions for families here. The feast itself is a celebration of the 3 kings arriving to visit baby Jesus, and there are many ways to celebrate the Epiphany with kids. So lets dive into the ideas! Since it's January, check … [Read more...]

Epiphany Star Sandwiches -Easy Recipe For Kids

Maybe you know or maybe you don't, but Christmas is not just a day, it's a season! Celebrating the whole Christmas season with your kids can be a great way to make them understand the true meaning of Christmas, and we love to celebrate all the way through the Epiphany! Traditionally the Epiphany comes after the 12 days of Christmas on January 6th, but it can be moved to the nearest Sunday. Check … [Read more...]

Epiphany Tea Party- Fun Liturgical Celebration For Kids

Our family absolutely loves throwing tea parties for Catholic feast days and celebrations, and we super enjoyed this Epiphany tea party! I love creating tea parties that are symbolic and educational for the kids, yet totally fun and tasty. This tea party had all the things! If you want to check out all of our liturgical tea parties, click here. Now let's take a look at this Epiphany … [Read more...]

3 Kings Ornament Craft For the Epiphany

Happy Epiphany! Although the feast of the Epiphany moves to the closest Sunday in the US, we usually celebrate at home on January 6. Here's a fun craft we're doing this year with the 3 kings. The really cool thing about this craft is that the 3 triangles spin so you can mix and match the king's clothes. This is a printable craft, part of the Advent Saints pack. This craft can … [Read more...]

Epiphany House Blessing and a Linky

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Star Crafts For Celebrating The Epiphany With Kids

This year (2011) the epiphany is being officially celebrated on January 2, but the traditional day for the epiphany (and the end of the 12 days of Christmas) happens on January 6, so you still have some time to celebrate the epiphany with your kids. Try celebrating with stars! These fun yarn wrapped star ornaments are a ton of fun!   Make these Crispy Cheese Stars with Family Fun as a … [Read more...]

3 Kings Epiphany Crafts For Kids

Making sure that you celebrate all 12 days of Christmas is a great way to live the liturgical year with your kids! The last day of the 12 days of Christmas is the Epiphany, and this is a super fun day to celebrate with your kids! Since this is the day that the 3 kings arrived to see baby Jesus, a 3 kings Epiphany craft is a perfect way to celebrate! You can also check out all of my resources for … [Read more...]

Crown Crafts For The Epiphany (Fun Way To Celebrate With Kids!)

Here are some ideas for you to make a crown with or for your kids. There are many reasons you might make crowns throughout the liturgical year, one of them being for the epiphany, which just happens to be coming up very soon :-) I loved this crown! Click here for directions. I have some directions for making a simple king crown out of poster board with preschoolers here. This Crown is … [Read more...]