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Preschoolers And The Rosary: How To Start Teaching Them

When starting to teach children how to pray the rosary, especially young preschoolers, you may want to begin with a game plan in mind! I have a special set of rosaries that I use when teaching Catholic ABC's to preschoolers, and they look something like this... Today I’m sharing with y’all exactly my process for choosing and altering a “learning rosary” for preschoolers, and how I implement … [Read more...]

Rosary Resources, Activities, And Crafts For Catholic Kids

My goal is always to make things fun and relatable for kids because I find that that is when they remember the most! So when I am teaching kids about the rosary, I like to give them a little hands on fun to help the learning stick! Here is a good round up of rosary crafts, activities, and resources for kids. Be sure to check out my 10 tips for praying the rosary with Catholic kids, and then read … [Read more...]

How To Pray The Rosary With Kids- 10 Tips To Get Started

In continuing with my passing on the faith to your Catholic kids series, today I am talking about how to start incorporating praying the rosary with your kids and in your home. Praying the rosary is a beautiful Catholic devotion, and obviously worthy of passing onto the next generation. How do we do this? Well I believe that in order to make an impression on children, we need to make things … [Read more...]

How To Draw A Rosary- So Easy For Catholic Kids!

I have been continuing with my Catholic how to draw series, so be sure to subscribe to the Catholic Icing YouTube channel so you don't miss out! Today, I'm sharing a video on how to draw a rosary! This is so simple anyone can draw it. The month of October is dedicated to the rosary, but obviously the rosary is a great thing to teach Catholic kids about any time of the year. You can check … [Read more...]

How To Make An EASY Rosary Pumpkin

How To Make An EASY Rosary Pumpkin is a post by contributing writer Kristen at Drawn2BCreative and the adorable children in the pictures are my amazing nieces and nephew. Enjoy the post! :-) October is one of my favorite months! It's full of beautiful fall weather, apple cider, pumpkin spice (yea I'm on that band wagon, don't judge), pumpkin carving and if you're Catholic, a whole month devoted … [Read more...]

Living Rosary at Night with Glow Sticks for Kids

My little brother just got back from the South Carolina Catholic camporee, which includes boyscouts, girlscouts, and a few other similar organizations. This year, they earned a Rosary patch by all doing a living rosary together at night, and with glow sticks so it lit up! Isn't that so cool?! My mom was awesome enough to take pictures for us. ;-) The Religion Teacher has great directions on … [Read more...]

Catholic Craft- Make a Rosary Hanger

I wanted to do a Rosary craft with my preschool co-op class, and my brain instantly thought of the pipe cleaner Rosary craft. While that craft is awesome for preschoolers, I was in the mood for something more special. I thought about making Rosary boxes for the kids to keep their Rosaries in, but I've been learning how to declutter from my favorite cleaning blog, and I thought it would be better … [Read more...]

An Idea for Praying the Rosary with Kids

The month of October is dedicated to the rosary, and Catholic crafts are a great way to bring the faith to your children! Today, I wanted to share this interactive Rosary board, made by my friend Jessica. Jessica was nice enough to type up a supply list and directions for us! Catholic Craft Supplies Needed: 23”x 30” drawing board 2” wooden circle pieces (qty 6) 1.5” wooden circle … [Read more...]

How To Make A Rosary With String And Beads

Having a homemade rosary can be a sweet and fun addition to your rosary collection! I just love making rosaries with the kids and they seems to get excited when they are involved! If you're working with really small children, see my post on easy rosaries made from pipe cleaners. If you're working with older kids and you'd like to string complete rosaries, you've come to the right place. The … [Read more...]

4th of July Rosary

Last year I made some red, white, and blue beads from polymer clay (sculpey) and strung a rosary. You can find a full picture tutorial for making the beads here. I also posted several ideas for praying a rosary for the 4th of July last year, so be sure to check that out, too. And for anyone who doesn't know, Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception is the patron Saint of the United … [Read more...]