Printable Rosary Craft (With Interactive Roses!)

The rosary is a beautiful and well known Catholic devotion. I love having different ways my kids can participate and interact during rosary time, and I’m excited to add this new printable rosary to our repertoire! You can find all of my rosary resources for kids and families here, but today I wanted to share with you this beautiful (and large!) printable rosary! It can be used in an interactive way with kids, or can also be used as decor or on your family home altar. Check it out!


Interactive Rosary For Kids

Years ago I had read about making an interactive rosary basket for you littles, and I always wanted one! The basic idea is that you have 2 baskets and 11 crocheted roses (10 in one color for the Hail Mary prayers and 1 in a different color for the Our Father.) Each time the family prays one of the prayers, the child gets to move it from one basket to another, essentially counting the rosary. I believe this idea origionated from Pondered In My Heart (you can see her set and directions here) and I also saw another set on 10 Kids And A Dog here.

I always always had this on my to do list, and I never got around to crocheting 11 roses (surprise, surprise!). 

So now I finally made a printable version of this interactive rose counting rosary for kids!

How To Make Your Own Interactive Kid Rosary

First, you will need to download my printable (link towards the bottom of this post) and I suggest printing it onto card stock. This will make it sturdier for holding up to little hands. For extra sturdiness, laminate the paper before cutting out the pieces. 

This set prints on 2 pages, and produces a good size for little hands to work with!

Once you’re ready, cut out your roses. Just cut in blobby shapes around the roses- no need stressing yourself out trying to cut exactly on the lines. I left white around all of mine to make the cutting easier and they’re all beautiful!

That is truly IT! If you’re just using them for a rosary basket, you truly only need the roses. Here they are in our little basket (that Lydia actually wove, btw!)

How To Use Your Rosary Basket To Count Along

There are actually several ways you could go about doing this. Whichever method you’re using, you’re just counting one decade of the rosary at a time. When just starting out with kids and the rosary, I actually suggest starting with a decade at a time anyway. You can see my post here with 10 tips on starting kids on the rosary.

Here are some ways you can count the prayers with your new printable rosary:

  • Start with all the roses in 1 basket, and move them to a second basket 1 by 1
  • If you only have 1 basket, you can start with all the roses out of the basket, and put one in for each prayer
  • Have the roses in a pile on your left side and move one to the right with each prayer- no basket needed!

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Using The Big Printable Rosary As Decor!

This printable is so beautiful that it can also be assembled together with tape or string and used as a beautiful Catholic display piece! You can even assemble your own printable wall rosary.

I lined mine up on the desk and used tape to hold the pieces together on the back. You could alternately hold them together with string or ribbon. I decided to make mine in a straight line, but it could also be assembled in a circle to become a one decade rosary in a more traditional look (like a chaplet).

Once you have it arranged how you want it, attach the pieces with tape on the back. Voila! You now have a really beautiful one decade rosary that’s ready to display on your home altar, which would be perfect for May!

These can also just straight up hang on the wall, and I think it’s beautiful! I don’t know of any cheaper and easier way to have a wall display rosary above your home altar or in your home!

This printable wall rosary also matches the look of the Weaving The Faith binder, your ultimate resource for living liturgically at home. See how it matches?

If you put your printable rosary beside your May calendar page from my liturgical calendar, you can see that it exactly matches the May resources, all in the theme of Mother Mary.

I actually loved my printable paper rosary so much that when I was finished taking my pictures, I hung mine up in my office. I have no plans to take it down- its so beautiful displayed on my shelf!

Download Your Printable Rosary PDF Now!

These big paper rosaries are now available as an instant download in the Catholic Icing shop. 1 decade worth of the rosary prints on two pages, but you can actually print the first page 5 times to create a whole full size rosary if that’s what you want! I also have a few extra pieces on the second page if you want a cross and a rosary splitter to create the whole thing, along with some extra greenery for arranging yours beautifully. Get your download now for just a couple of dollars! 


  1. would love a black and white version needed

    • Hi Mari –

      We do not have these rose graphics in black and white, so there is only a color version available.

      Angie, Catholic Icing Project Manager

  2. Clara Kang says

    Thank you for making a gorgeous rosary design for kids.
    I love this beautiful Rosary!! My kids will really love and enjoy it. Great craft in May.
    God bless you!

  3. Kelley Norton says

    I wonder if we could put Velcro on them and have the kids put them up on a poster as they pray them. They could stay up on the wall as decoration in between rosaries. I think I’ll try that.

  4. I would love to use your printable roses for a prayer bouquet for my daughter’s teacher. Is there a way to get blank roses or edit them?

    • Hi Amanda –

      The printable only includes roses with words on them and the craft is not editable. Sorry!

      Angie, Catholic Icing Project Manager

  5. María Isabel says

    It would be great to have the roses without the letters, so that we can use them even for children who do not know English.

    • Unfortunately, because these graphics are licensed to use with this craft from the artist, Lacy isn’t able to make the graphics available as is without words on them or as part of a project, as that would be against the terms of use she agreed to when licensing them.

      Angie, Catholic Icing Project Manager

  6. Hi Lacey: I’d really love this for my CCD class. Could you please include a rose for the Glory Be? Thanks so much. Marie