What Are The O Antiphons? – Learning About A Catholic Advent Tradition

all about the o antiphons

The O Antiphons are rich with meaning and make a truly wonderful Catholic tradition! Before you get overwhelmed, I want to start by saying that they do not need any kind of craft or manipulative to participate- you can simply pray and sing them. :-) I'm going to put the roots of them in a nutshell for you (as much as I can). Why they are called the "O Antiphons"? Each night for the octave … [Read more...]

O Antiphon Ideas for Catholic Families- An Advent Tradition

o antiphon crafts and printables

The great thing about the O Antiphons is, they don't start until December 17! That means even if you missed the boat with an Advent wreath or a Jesse tree, you've still got time for this! :-) If you're not familiar with the O Antiphons, or even if you are, I suggest that you read my page all about the O Antiphons before moving on. I want to be very clear that the O Antiphons are not like the … [Read more...]

Celebrating Santa Lucia Day- Printable St. Lucy and Star Boy Craft

saint lucy and star boy craft

It's almost St. Lucy day! This is a day that is traditionally celebrated in Sweden. Little girls dress up as St. Lucy in white dresses with red ribbons (that symbolize her purity and her martyrdom) and wreaths with candles in their hair. They serve Santa Lucia saffron buns, a sweet bread, also known "Lussekatter". Also in Sweden, there was a tradition there where boys dressed up as "star boys" in … [Read more...]

Advent Guilt: Should You Hold On Or Let Go?

advent; nesting for baby jesus

Whoever puts up their Christmas tree last wins the "Best Catholic" award! Wait, was it a competition? No one told me!   Before I stared Catholic Icing, I had no idea there were people that waited until Christmas Eve to put up their tree. The more I run in Catholic circles, I find that a lot of families take waiting during the entire Advent season very seriously. This is not … [Read more...]

Celebrating the Feast of St. Juan Diego And Our Lady Of Guadalupe

celebrating the feast of our lady of guadalupe and st. juan diego

Celebrating the feast days of Advent Saints is a great way to keep your holiday season religious, and keep Advent a time of joyful anticipation. It's a win win! I usually combine the feasts of St. Juan Diego and Our Lady of Guadalupe because they're only a few days apart (St. Juan diego's feast day being on December 9, and Our Lady of Guadalupe's on December 12.) These printable … [Read more...]

Immaculate Conception Craft For Catholic Kids- How To Explain The Real Meaning!

immaculate conception craft for kids- printable ornament

Most Catholics are still under the impression that the feast of the Immaculate Conception refers to Jesus being conceived in the womb of Mary. This is incorrect! The phrase "The Immaculate Conception" actually refers to Mary being conceived in the womb of St. Ann- free from sin. I think this misunderstanding comes from the fact that the feast of the Immaculate Conception is usually depicted … [Read more...]

An Awesome Christmas CD For Catholic Kids

a classical kids christmas catholic review

I rarely share and entire post here about just one thing you can buy, but when I do, it's because I've found a real gem, and Classical Kids Christmas is no exception to this rule- this CD is truly enchanting! I haven't seen it as marked especially towards Catholic children, which really surprises me! Not only is it chock full of traditional and religious Christmas songs, but it tells the … [Read more...]

How To Celebrate St. Nicholas Day; Ideas, Printables, and More!

saint nicholas day treat ideas

Many Catholic children around the world celebrate St. Nicholas day! It is said that there were three poor girls that could not get married because they had no dowry, and St. Nicholas came and secretly left three purses of gold for them at night. So the tradition of leaving out shoes to be filled with gifts was born of a generous stranger leaving presents for those in need. A great way … [Read more...]

St. Nicholas Crafts for Kids- Printables, Ideas, and More!

printable St. nicholas ornament craft

Check out my post on how to celebrate St. Nicholas day here. St. Nicholas Day is coming up on December 6! These crafts can be a fun way to celebrate the day. St. Nicholas can even leave the supplies for the crafts right in your shoes. ;-) This printable St. Nicholas ornament is available in my Advent Saint pack.  Here is is on the tree embellished with lots of glitter! This toilet paper tube … [Read more...]

The Reason For The Season Challenge; Are You Ready For It?

the reason for the season challenge

I'm challenging myself this year for the Advent/Christmas season. I'm calling it "The Reason For The Season Challenge", and I'm challenging you (that's right, I said YOU) to join me! Christmas seems to be in overdrive! People may as well start saying "Merry Hallow-Thanks-Mas" for as much thought as anyone puts into what the holidays really mean. I'm sure you've all heard the popular phrases … [Read more...]