Playing With Saint Peg Dolls- What To Do, How To Store, and More!

playing with saint peg dolls

I knew one thing as soon as I signed up for the peg doll exchange- at our house, these were meant to be classic toys, not knick knacks to collect dust! I wanted the kids to really play with them. Well, wish granted. I seriously don't think more than a handful of days has gone by since they opened them on Christmas that the kids haven't played with these wooden Saint dolls. My First … [Read more...]

Tell Me About The Catholic Faith- Check Off Page

tell me about the catholic faith notebooking pages for kids

I love being able to track where I am in curriculum and check boxes, so I made this printable page to help you track your progress through your Tell Me About The Catholic Faith lessons. Download Tell Me About The Catholic Faith Check Off Pages Here These pages have one square for each "lesson." In most cases, each lesson is just one of the 2 page spreads. In a few cases, I have combined the … [Read more...]

Encouraging Independent Prayer For Kids- A Tool To Get Started

give him 5 prayer kit

For Lent, I'm really trying to get the message of pray, fast, & give alms to my kids. I'm working to include each aspect, and I wanted them to be doing some independent prayer. We have used my independent prayer rings in the past, but it's always nice to offer something new- I love having multiple tools in my toolbox! So this Lent, my kids are using Michelle's Give Him 5 Program for all 40 … [Read more...]

Bible Notebooking Pages- Elijah, Jonah, And More!

free bible notebooking pages

Continuing on with my Religious notebooking project, today I'm posting more old testament notecooking pages. They go with pages 28-35 in Tell Me About The Catholic Faith, covering the City Gates, Elijah, Jonah, and the Destruction of Jerusalem. Feel free use these with pages with any Old Testament resource you have for your kids. At The City Gates I like this page- my kids loved reading … [Read more...]

Pray, Fast, Give Alms– a Lenten Craft for Kids

lenten craft for kids- pray fast give alms

We as Catholics focus on 3 things during Lent– Praying, Fasting, and Giving Alms. I wanted to make a craft with my kids to introduce this concept and help them plan their Lent. This craft is also a great one to hang up during Lent as a reminder!   Supplies Needed: Assorted Paper Scissors Marker Glue (I like glue dots for this one) White Paper (or small paper … [Read more...]

Free Crown Of Thorns Printable For Lent

free printable for lenten crown of thorns

For years now, I've been using a crown of thorns as a sacrifice tool for my children during Lent. We made simple ones when they were little, and eventually I made a permanent one that we just pull out of our Lent box from the attic each year. This year, I'm adding a printable to ours to really help the younger kids with the imagery here (Plus, ya'll know me, any chance to include some artwork … [Read more...]

Simple Lenten Traditions For Families {With Little To No Prep Work}

40 ways 40 days

Observing Lent in your family doesn't have to be hard or complicated. Here are some simple things you can do to help your kids grow during this season with little to no prep work at all.   Go to Mass as a family on Ash Wednesday. This is so great because even the smallest members of the family can have ashes. Read the scripture about when Jesus goes into the desert. Motivate … [Read more...]

Printable Lenten Calendar for Kids

printable lenten calendar for kids

Welcome to Catholic Icing- a place where you can find fun resources for Catholic kids year round! If you would like to get an update when I post new resources, sign up below as a subscriber. When you do, you get access to all of my free subscriber bonuses. Subscribe To Get More Resources For Catholic Kids   This is my Printable Lenten Calendar for Kids. It's free for everyone to … [Read more...]

Celebrating St. Valentine’s Day With Catholic Kids


As Catholics, we all know that "Valentine's day" wasn't invented by the greeting card or chocolate selling companies- it's the feast day of St. Valentine! Here are some fun activities for celebrating this great Catholic feast day with your kids. St. Valentine's Day Crafts Make a St. Valentine paper bag puppet- my kids love these! Make heart shaped pipe cleaner rosaries- super easy. Try … [Read more...]

Peg Doll Mass Kit

mass kit for saint peg dolls

I've posted about how to make a tiny Mass kit before, but we made ours long ago and the pieces are long missing. So here's take 2, and this time, it's totally meant for all of our awesome Saint peg dolls! I recently took part in a Saint peg doll exchange, then I came out with this set of decoupagable Saint peg dolls, so my house is pretty much rolling in these awesome holy heroes right now! … [Read more...]