All Saints’ Day Party Ideas for Kids

It’s that time of year again, time to plan your All Saints’ Day party! I rounded up all of my Saint crafts, food ideas, costume tutorials, printables, and more in one place- this page! Be sure to save this link! ;-)

Saint Costumes for Kids

Are you into making your own Saint costumes? I have lots of ideas for easy, no sew Saint costumes. Here are the 3 ultimate guides to making All Saints’ day costumes:

Saint Costume Ideas for Girls (50+ costume ideas)

Saint Costume Ideas for Boys  (again, a huge list of costume ideas)

Group Costume Ideas (a list of Saints who go together so siblings or friends can coordinate costumes)

If you are throwing an All Saints’ Day party, I would recommend emailing these costume links to your friends that you invite. That way, no one freaks out and doesn’t attend because they’re worried about a costume.

Specific Saint costume how-to’s:

Starting to see a theme here? E-A-S-Y. That’s my favorite. ;-)

Also, check out my article, Do All Saints’ Day and Trick-or-Treating go together?

All Saints’ Day Party Food Ideas

Happy Saints Cupcake toppers

Saint food labels- place these labels on easy party snacks, and they are instantly transformed into Saint fun!

Saint cookie ideas

Saint Craft Ideas for Kids

Check out this easy printable Saint craft! My kids love crafting and playing with these little guys! They are available to print in either black and white (so you can color them yourself) or in beautiful watercolor- your choice!

catholic icing's abc saints

Saint Paper Bag Puppets- templates to make virtually every Saint you can think of!

Saint Craft (The Saints are in Heaven with Jesus)

Paper Bag Nun Puppets (And St. Patrick and St. Valentine)

Round up of cute saint crafts including spoon Saints

Mary, Queen of the Saints craft- Stained glass craft and handprint/footprint craft.

All Saints’ Day Party Game Ideas

Here’s a round-up of easy Saint game ideas, including this game- canonize the Saints ring toss (complete with glow stick halo)!

Make an All Saints’ Day Treat Bucket

You know- your kids are going to need a way to carry their candy and prizes. This All Saints’ day treat bucket is easy to make from an ordinary sand bucket. You can also see how to make Angel Treat Bags here.

Saint Information Page

Have children of all ages fill in information about their saint. Easy, fun, and they just might learn something. ;-) Find the printable Saint page here.

printable saint report information page for kids

Also, try making a litany of family Saints!

family litany of saints printable

For even more ideas, you can check out my All Saints Day link-up and also my Saints and Angels pinboard on Pinterest.

Find a directory of Catholic crafts and ideas by individual Saint at my Alphabetical Saint Gallery!

How To Craft A Thurible For Catholic Kids

Find all of my Mass crafts and activities for kids here.

I’m continuing my series, showing you how to make a Mass kit for kids piece by piece. Today, I’m going to show you how to craft a thurible, which is the incense thingy.

how to craft a thurible

You can find the navigation page of how to make all the Mass kit pieces for kids here.

Supplies Needed: 

  • Wiffle ball
  • Chain (a pet chain, a chain for hanging plants, a necklace chain, etc) or golden string or rope
  • Gold spray paint
  • Optional: small bowl and spoon or tongs

wiffle ball transformation

If your wiffle ball is old and gross like ours, you need to clean it first. If it has some little pieces of plastic peeling off, sand them smooth with sand paper.

Now you’re ready to paint! I got all of my Mass objects ready first so I could spray paint everything at the same time. Spray painting a ball is a little tricky, but you’ll get it in a few coats. I attached our chain (which was from a plant hanging basket kit) by putting it in a wiffle ball hole, and bending it out with pliers too large to come back out. You could also tie it on with a string through one of the holes- whatever works for your particular ball and chain.

Optinal: also paint a bowl and small spoon or tongs gold. These can serve as the incense bowl to put more pretend incense in.  I used a bowl from the Dollar Tree (4 for $1) and an old measuring spoon, which actually looked quite nice once it was spray painted.

incense bowl craft

We hung our thurible from a thumb tack on the wall. I was thinking that if you had access to an extra one of those things you hang fireplace tools on, that would be pretty awesome. Or, if you put the thurible on a short chain, you could hang it from one of those things that’s meant to hold bananas. Things like this for me always depend on running into just the right thing for the right price at a thrift store. But our thumb tack works just fine. ;-)

how to craft a thurible

This is one of my kid’s favorite piece of the Mass kit (naturally). I think as a toy, this would prove to be kind of crazy and possibly dangerous, but at our house we only play Mass reverently, so it works.

Remember that this is just one piece in my larger Mass kit series.

diy mass kit for kids


Picture Book of the Mass

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How To Craft A Tabernacle; Making A Mass Kit For Catholic Kids

Find all of my Mass crafts and activities for kids here.

I’m continuing my series, showing you how to make a Mass kit for kids piece by piece. Today, I’m going to show you how to easily craft a sturdy tabernacle.

how to make a tabernacle

You can find the navigation page of how to make all the Mass kit pieces for kids here.

Supplies Needed To Craft Tabernacle:tabernacle craft supplies

  • Wooden box from craft store (big enough for your ciborium to fit in)
  • Wooden crosses from craft store (1 big and 1 small)
  • Funnel
  • Gold spray paint
  • Hot glue gun and sticks
  • Red felt
  • Optional: key and tassel
  • Optional: drill

Start by hot gluing all of your pieces together. The funnel goes upside down on top, the little cross goes on top of the funnel, and the big cross goes right on the front of the box. Note: the wooden box will stand on its end rather than opening like a chest.

tabernacle before painting

Next, spray paint it gold. I prepped all of my Mass kit pieces ahead of time so I could spray paint them all together. I spray painted the inside and outside of the tabernacle gold.

Optional: Make a key hole and key. I found a neat looking key on clearance at the craft store, and also spray painted it gold. I had an extra tassle from an old curtain that I tied on the key. I used my husband’s drill (that right, I used a power tool! Whoot!) and drilled a few holes in a row in the front of the tabernacle door, just big enough to stick our key into. The hole isn’t totally straight, but it’s there. You actually might want to drill your hold before spray painting.

spray painted tabernacle

You can stick the key all the way through the hole and turn it on the inside of the box to pretend “lock” and “unlock” the tabernacle. This works because ours is a skeleton-style key.

tabernacle with key

When the paint dries, cut some red felt to fit the inside of your tabernacle, and hot glue it in place. Our ciborium fits in the tabernacle quite nicely!

diy tabernacle craft for catholic kids

We also got a little red candle holder from the Dollar Tree, and a battery operated tea light. This is our sacristy light to let us know when Jesus is in the tabernacle. We were turning ours on when our pretend hosts were in the tabernacle, but I found out that the atrium makes a big deal out of never lighting the sacristy light because this is only pretend, and Jesus is never really in there. I thought that was interesting.

craft a tabernacle mass kit for kids

Remember that this is just one piece in my larger Mass kit series.

Also, don’t forget a Mass book to aide your children in their pretend Mass! :-)

Picture Book of the Mass

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How To Craft A Chalice, Ciborium, and Paten

Find all of my Mass crafts and activities for kids here.

I’ve been wanting a Mass kit for my kids for some time now, but the reality is, they are expensive! Even the little ones made from felt cost nearly $100, and don’t include all the pieces. The really nice ones, also over $100, also don’t include all the pieces I was looking for. Also, even if I had the expensive sets, it really stresses me out to have expensive kids stuff. So I decided I needed to make a Mass set for us. It turned out to be easier and more fun than I thought it would!

catholic craft; chalice and ciborium

I made the Mass kit for my kids awhile ago, but the task of typing up one big post on how to put all o fit together at one time has been so overwhelming that I’ve never shared my ideas with you. So now, I have made the executive decision to post directions on how to make one Mass object at a time until I have the entire crafted Mass kit for kids all represented. As I craft more pieces, they will all be linked to this one easy-to-navigate Mass objects page.

I am very happy to have this Mass kit for kids, and that it was especially helpful last year in prepping Lydia for her First Holy Communion! You don’t have to stress over making it all at once- you can start with the basic pieces, and add to them as you go.

Today, I’m going to show you how to make your own chalice, ciborium, and paten.

Supplies Needed:

  • gold spray paint (if you’re going to be making the entire Mass kit, you’ll need to get a full sized can of gold spray paint, as you’ll use it on almost everything. If you’re making just the chalice and ciborium, you can get a smaller sized can)
  • 3 Plastic wine cups (I got mine from the Dollar Tree, 4 for $1.)
  • small wooden crosses from craft store
  • cool glue gun and sticks (if you use a super hot glue gun for this craft, it may melt your plastic, so just keep that in mind)
  • small plastic plate (I got mine at the Dollar Tree 5 for $1)
  • big popsicle stick

Start by assembling 2 plastic wine glasses. You’ll also need the bottom of the 3rd wine glass.

crafting a chalice

Assemble the pieces with hot glue to keep them from coming apart during play. Attach the wooden cross to the top of the extra wine glass piece. This is going to be the lid for your ciborium, but don’t glue it on. You can glue another wooden cross to the front of your chalice as a decoration. Make designs on the cups with your glue gun.

glue chalice together

If you just want to make a regular paten, just take out one of your plastic plates. For those patens on sticks (that alter servers use to collect crumbs while the communion is being given) hot glue a big popsicle stick to the plate. We made some of each.

crafting a paten

S[ray paint all of your pieces at the same time. I usually do this on a sunny day so that it only takes a few minutes to dry. You may need to do 2 coats in some places.

catholic craft; chalice and ciborium

Voila! All the glue from underneath becomes golden decorations! You can also embellish these with craft jewels if you wish. We did not. As you can see in the picture below, I also got a roll of necco wafers for my kids to play communion with. You could also cut pretend hosts out of white fun foam, or white felt.

craft a paten for kids

These are just a small part of a much larger Mass kit! I’m going to be releasing the directions piece by piece, so stay tuned! :-)

craft a mass kit for kids; affordable

And don’t forget a Mass book to aide your children in their pretend Mass! :-)

Picture Book of the Mass

Find all of my Mass crafts and activities for kids here.

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