Catholic Books Of The Bible Resources For Kids- Song, Free Printables, and More!

catholic books of the bible- the ultimate resource list

When we first began our journey through Tell Me About The Catholic Faith, the first 2 page spread was about the Bible in general. I love this! Scripture time in Catholic ABC's begins with a little introduction to the Bible for preschoolers each week, so it felt good to take that to the next level for my older kids. Ya'll know I love being Catholic, and I love teaching my kids all about … [Read more...]

Spine For Catholic Religion Curriculum- Teaching Multiple Ages

tell me about the catholic faith- fun religious ed for kids

My kids are ages 2, 4, 6, and 8. I currently homeschool everyone, and that includes our Religious Education. (Even when we do attend Religious Ed at our church, which we're not doing this year, I still teach Religion at home.) This year, we have been using Tell Me About The Catholic Faith as the spine for our Religion curriculum. I don't want you to think I'm telling you that this is a … [Read more...]

Preschool ABC Snack Ideas- Cooking Our Way Through The Alphabet

cooking with preschoolers a-z

For Violet's pre-k year, I wanted to include some one on one "cooking" time with me as our Charlotte Mason life skill/ handicraft for her. We're incorporating this into my Catholic ABC's curriculum by making alphabet snacks for the letter of the week! It was important to me that Violet could be very involved in the preparation of each snack.  Therefore, the importance here was placed more … [Read more...]

Religious Notebooking For Kids

religious notebooking with catholic kids small

Notebooking is a great way to encourage true thinking and creativity in your children. I use it for a variety of subjects when I homeschool my children, and I've found it to be handy for religion as well. A Little Bit About "Notebooking Pages" for kids I am very influenced by Charlotte Mason in our homeschool. Notebooking pages are one of the tools we use for "narrating" what the kids … [Read more...]

Catholic Books Of The Bible Bookmark- Free Printable!

catholic books of the bible bookmark

I created a printable books of the Bible bookmark that includes all the books of the Bible- of which there are 73. This is free to print, and your kids can color and decorate however they wish. :-) I have the book of the Bible listed chronologically, and sorted by old and new testaments. You can color and decorate the front of the bookmark however you want. My kids all chose to … [Read more...]

Saint Peg Dolls For Catholic Kids- How To Have An Exchange

saint peg doll exchange small

I recently took part in a Catholic Saint peg doll exchange, and it was awesome! We all painted 36 of the same Saint, then exchanged so we ended up with 36 different Saints.   I am so excited about these little guys! Here's the complete set I ended up with: From left to right, top to bottom: St. Joan of Arc, St. Patrick, Blessed Imelda, St. Sebastian, St. Rita, Venerable … [Read more...]

Alphabet Grab Bags- How To Make And Use A Grab Bag With Preschoolers

letter of the week bags

A grab bag is a bag that's full of objects that start with one particular letter. I use these when teaching preschool to go with my letter of the week format in Catholic ABC's. I used to make new ones each week, but after teaching preschool for 6 straight years, I made permanent bags. Here is a quote straight from Catholic ABC's on how to use a grab bag. You say what's in red. Now, are you … [Read more...]

How To Craft A Crucifix For Catholic Kids

how to make a crucifix for Mass kit

Find all of my Mass crafts and activities for kids here. I’m continuing my series, showing you how to make a Mass kit for kids piece by piece. Today, I’m going to show you how to easily craft a versatile crucifix that can stand up on a table top, or be used on a stick for pretend altar servers. You can find the navigation page of how to make all the Mass kit pieces for kids … [Read more...]

Transform Your Prayer Life With Prayer Box Dividers

prayer box dividers- transform your daily prayer life

I usually post stuff on this site for your kids, but today, this post is for YOU. God is calling you to have a personal relationship and prayer life with him. I started realizing, if I'm not cultivating my personal relationship with Jesus, what am I doing the rest of this stuff for? This is what it's all about! As I started feeling a strong calling to strengthen my prayer life, a friend of mine … [Read more...]

3 Kings Ornament Craft For the Epiphany

3 kings printable craft

Happy Epiphany! Although the feast of the Epiphany moves to the closest Sunday in the US, we usually celebrate at home on January 6. Here's a fun craft we're doing this year with the 3 kings. The really cool thing about this craft is that the 3 triangles spin so you can mix and match the king's clothes. This is a printable craft, part of the Advent Saints pack. This craft can … [Read more...]