Healthy Grasshopper Snack For Kids

I was looking for a fun way to celebrate St. John the Baptist with my kids, and nothing seemed like more fun than making some fun edible grasshopper snacks! These are healthy, a great summer activity for kids, and a fun way to bring the bible to life a little bit for them. This snack would go well with my St. John The Baptist notebooking pages. So today I’m going to show you how to make your own healthy grasshopper snack for kids. 

The nativity of St. John the baptist is coming up on June 24, which is a great day to celebrate this fun Saint! If you turn your bible to Matthew 3:4, here is what it says.

“Now John wore clothing of camel’s hair with a leather belt around his waist, and his food was locusts and wild honey.”

That is quite a description! I think any number of grasshopper snacks, bee snacks, or honey flavored snacks could be good for this. Originally I was going to try to make some celery stick grasshoppers, but we were out of celery. So I moved onto our kiwis, which I almost always have, as my middle daughter is obsessed with kiwis.

Start by cutting your kiwi in half length wise. One side will become the body of your grasshopper snack, and the other side of the kiwi will become the legs. 

Peel both side of the kiwi using a sharp knife (a job for grown ups). Give one half a diagonal cut like this to help the head lay right.

Cut the other half of the kiwi longways, and then longways again, leaving yourself 4 long kiwi wedges. 2 of these become the legs.

Take one of your kiwi wedges and slice it to make 2 small triangles.

Take a part of your kiwi peel and make 2 very long skinny slices for the antenna. 

Take a second kiwi and make a regular circle slice for the head, also peeled. 

Ok. You are ready to assemble your kiwi grasshopper snack!

Put the kiwi half on the plate. Then use 2 of the long slices of kiwi and put them on the sides for legs. Use the small kiwi triangles you made to hold them up. You can also put a small dot of yogurt to hold the legs on.

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Put a kiwi slice on the front for the head, then the 2 long slices of peel for the antenna. 

Take another small amount of yogurt and use them to stick on some raisins for eyes.

The seed pattern from the kiwi makes a built in smile for your little grasshopper friend. 

You can eat it outside for extra effect!

We actually ate ours with some worm dirt cups, and the kids loved both! Find directions on how to make your own dirt pudding cups here. 

The kids loved it all!

Snacks while listening to a story from The Jesus Storybook Bible

Snack Without Shopping- Bug Snack Ideas!

I like to provide you guys with additional links to help you create something for your kids out of ingredients you may already have at home! So check out these other fun grasshopper treats listed by the main ingredient required. I am also including some fun bee/honey snack ideas since St. John the Baptist also ate wild honey. 

Be sure to check out my free St. John The Baptist notebooking pages as well. Happy celebrating!


  1. Which childrens bible is in your photos here? It looks like a great one.

    Thank you for the great St. John the Baptist celebration ideas. 🙂

    • Hi Amy –

      It’s the Jesus Storybook Bible. I added a link to it under the picture with the kids eating a snack while Lacy read the story.

      Angie, Catholic Icing Project Manager

  2. How creative and fun! I love this grasshopper edible craft. Also very clever the way you tied it reading scripture.