Free Trinity Printables: Coloring Page, Sign Of The Cross & Glory Be Fill In

Hey ya’ll! Looking for some resources for teaching kids about the Trinity? These will really help out with pre-school and early elementary kids!

If you’re teaching your kids about how to make The Sign Of The Cross, be sure to check out my 4 expert tips for teaching kids The Sign Of The Cross here!

This free downloadable pack comes with multiple versions of everything, with and without words. So smaller kids can just trace the missing words, and bigger kids can write them in themselves.

And here is my little Ana-banana-belle practicing hers! 🙂

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It also includes a beautiful Catholic Trinity coloring page with symbols- one shamrock with words and one version without.

What are you waiting for?! Download yours now! 🙂

Trinity Coloring and Prayer Practice Download

And be sure to check out the Teach Catholic Kids About The Trinity, a book I wrote. This is a fantastic resource for explaining the seemingly unexplainable to Catholic kids!

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  1. Kathy Salsman says

    Unfortunately, the shamrock, the apple, the egg and most all other three part/one thing depictions are the heresy of modalism. Too bad we start out our catechism by ‘dumbing down’ the depth just to attract young minds or ‘itch their ears’, who then grow up never knowing what damage was done or the truth about ‘mystery’. We must always ask, “What are we doing?” and “Why?”

    • As flawed humans, we can spend many years contemplating the Trinity, and yet never fully understand. This is why Catholics refer to the Trinity as a mystery. While no analogy about the Trinity is going to be perfect, as there is nothing else exactly like the Trinity in existence, I find that referring to things like this do help small children to start having an understanding, and it gives them something to ponder on the subject. Also, none of these things are any farther off than the example that the great Saint Patrick used, which was the shamrock. I am sure that his intentions, as mine, were to help explain an explainable concept to interested people, and spread the love and knowledge of our Lord. And I do constantly ask myself what am I doing and why. Always remember when searching Catholic Icing to take the things that are useful for you, leave the things that are not, and that these resources are meant to teach children. God bless.

      • Well said, Lacy. I also use what God has out at our disposal to assist those where they are at whom are wanting to understand.
        God bless you for all your effort to spread His love.

  2. Antoinette Eichhorn says

    Thank you for your generosity with sharing your worksheets and ideas! Our Faith Formation class has really enjoyed learning with your creative ideas! God bless you!

  3. As someone who has been teaching young children in Religious education for 19 years, I love your ideas and use many of them in my classroom. Thank you for sharing them.

  4. Awesome printable…am printing it now to use as a refresher with my boys next week…