Teach Catholic Kids About The Trinity- A New Book For St. Patrick’s Day

Well, I’m very excited to tell you that I wrote another book! I actually wrote it a few years ago (lol) and then life crashed and I never published it. It’s meant to be the first in a series of which I have already started others. We will see how you guys like it as to whether or not the series continues…

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So as my kids started getting a bit older, I needed more than just glitter and pony beads to teach them about our rich Catholic faith. I needed substance. Some Catholic… meat and potatoes if you will. 😀 But I still wanted it to be deliverable in a child-friendly format, and I’ve never believed that children learn best from textbooks. So I started writing these little picture books.

In this first one, I teach them about the Trinity. I introduce them to each person in the holy Trinity and highlight their symbols and the most basic things to know. I tell multiple Saint stories having to do with the Trinity, including about how St. Patrick taught about the Trinity with a shamrock.

There are also some pondering/discussion type questions, again, on a child level.

At the end I share a few songs you can sing, crafts you can make, food you can eat, and some other activities to enjoy and learn about the Trinity.

To me, these little books encompass everything about Catholic Icing that I love, and I truly believe they are an EXCELLENT way to teach our little ones about the faith. I officially recommend this book for ages 2-10, but I guarantee that even YOU will be pondering the Trinity after reading it.

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It was also important to me that these books are readable in one sitting meaning you can actually hold a child’s attention this long. In conclusion… I put a LOT of thought and love into this little book. And honestly I’m hoping that you guys LOVE it because I want to finish the series. But… I have a lot of partially completed projects right now so I’m kind of testing to the waters to see what you as readers want. We will see.

Today, I’m offering this Trinity book for kids in 2 formats:

  1. A printable booklet in pdf format
  2. A kindle ebook

I will warn you that this book is in booklet form, so it has to be printed front/back and assembled correctly. I have included page numbers on all of the pages to help you, and although it’s in color, it’s mostly white with your printer ink in mind. And if you’re someone that loves kindle books, you already know that. 🙂

Either way your purchase it, it’s $3.

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IF I finish this series of books, they were meant to be printed, hard copy books. I am trying this one out as a download and as a kindle book. Let me know in your comments what you think. I did a lot of brainstorming about printing them, and in order to keep them affordable (which has ALWAYS been my mission here at Catholic Icing. Always.) I thought I would come out with them in sets of 5. They would be the same size and type of book as my Mass Booklets that I sell. This way they could be 5 for $25, and you would get 5 different titles at a time. Not 5 Trinity books. Because who needs 5 of the same book?

Anywho, we will see how yall’s interest is in this project. Leave your feedback in the comments! As always, love you guys and God bless!!! *muah!*


  1. Hi Lacy,

    I love this and cannot wait to use it! I recently started trying to adapt the LDS/Mormon Family Home Evening concept to do a dedicated weekly “Catholic Night” for our family. This is going on our schedule for FHE next week! I love your website and all of your resources and am so happy you’re back! 🙂 Sending lots of prayers your way. 🙂

    • Ha! I had the same idea, but only got as far as write a couple of ideas down as to what to do on a non-lds family home evening

  2. I saw theblast night…i have been thinking all morning…I want to buy the set when its printed! I am going have to be patient…please hurry. Ooh boy!!

    • Lol! Well don’t hold your breath. I’m in no place to be making deadline promises right now. 😉

  3. I love everything about this! Heading over to buy the printable version now.

  4. Hi Lacy,
    Just looked through the book and I think it will be a great resource for our family. One minor comment that my scientist mind couldn’t overlook though, is the 2 in H2O should be a subscript. How’s that for picky?! Looking forward to seeing what else you have in store for us. Thanks for all you do!

    • #notascientist ;-D hahahaha! Love it! I sooooo hope this is the worst feedback I get on this book lol

  5. Jenelle Lemons says

    Just a thought- I work for an Anglican Church and I LOVE your materials. One thought for the future is to make a version that omits the phrase “Catholic” for Protestant churches to use (I am honestly not trying to be offensive, but just thought it might open up the demographic for you). For instance, I love this booklet and am excited to purchase it, however, I am concerned that if I send it home with the kids in my Sunday School class that their parents might be confused 🙂
    Just thoughts! Keep us the great work!!

    • I agree there are SO Many churches that could use your Spiritual insights for children. You are Wonderful!

      • Awww thank you so much for your kind words! I hope you find the book useful. God bless!

        • It is good to remember the word “Catholic” means universal, and the Christian Church is indeed, universal. This may be a helpful pint to make to any parents who are confused about the word.

  6. Stacey Sparks says

    Love this! I would certainly purchase a set of 5 books in a set for my kiddos. Purchasing the printable version now!

    • So happy to hear that! I absolutely love these little books. 🙂 Hope you find it useful!

  7. Becky Shych says

    Lacy- I purchased the Trinity booklet, can you steer me towards the assembly directions? Thank you!