DIY Colored Sugar For Mardi Gras (So Cheap And Easy!)

There are a lot of King’s cakes recipes out there for Mardi Gras, and they all seem to have something in common- the deliciously colored sugar sprinkled on top! I personally think that what they charge for colored sugar in those little spice jars from the baking section is practically highway robbery, so I like to make my own! 🙂 It’s soooo much easier than you would think and it really is the cheapest way to have colored sugar, so check it out… DIY colored sugar for Mardi Gras


I have a lot of recipes that I use this sugar for, so be sure to check out my Mardi Gras celebration ideas to see where you can use yours!

Here’s how you do it. Put some regular, white sugar into a tupperware container with a lid, and drip a few drops of your desired food coloring into it.

Put the lid onto the container, and shake it until the color is fully mixed with the sugar.

Remove the lid to reveal your very own
(and very cheap) colored sugar!

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Voila! Colored sugar, easy peasy!

Where To Purchase Colored Sugar

If you would rather just buy colored sugar, you can get it here from Amazon. It has all the colors you need for Mardi Gras plus the added bonus of pink sugar for your next girl birthday cake. 🙂

Looking for some King’s Cake recipes to go with your awesome sugar? Check out my lazy girl’s easiest king cake ever! You will be shocked how fast this can go together.

If you’re in an adventurous mood, I also have a traditional and super delicious king cake recipe here. This is a super delicious king cake recipe!!! 

Also, my here is my absolute favorite cookie recipe done up for Mardi Gras! My whole family just loves these cookies!
I also use this sugar to make Mardi Gras pretzels– another favorite here!
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  1. Help ! How much of red and blue food color to make purple, iv tried and get it too dark…

  2. Mary Corcoran says

    how much of each color drops to make purple

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