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All Saints’ Day Costumes For Sale

Celebrating All Saints' Day with Catholic kids is an excellent way to live the liturgical year at home, and you can't celebrate All Saints' Day without some Saint costumes! While dressing up at Saints is a really fun way to learn about the Saints and celebrate being Catholic, sometimes that can be a stresser for mom. Depending on the year, sometimes I made elaborate diy Saint costumes for … [Read more...]

Easy and Fun All Saints’ Day Costumes: “I Have A Patron” (Free Printable!)

For me, it's always important that being Catholic and celebrating the feasts and so on with my kids is something that we GET to do. Not something we HAVE to do. And we've all been there- we try to talk our kids into being St. this or St. that.. and they just really really really want to be Spider Man. And sometimes, in the interest of not wanting them to hate being Catholic and feel like it's … [Read more...]

All Saints’ Day Costumes From Catholic Icing- And Share Yours!

I started my annual All Saints' Day costume share over on facebook- you can share your pictures in the comments to enter, and "like" all of your favorites. The photo with the most likes will receive some children's Saint books for a fun prize. :-) We've got some really cute costumes over there- check them out and vote! (PS. There are no rules so you can "like" as many as you want) I thought … [Read more...]

Group Costumes Ideas for All Saints’ Day- Saints Who Go Together

I think it's so cute when siblings (or friends) dress up as Saints who go together in groups or pairs! It's adorable, right? I know I've dressed my kids up as saints who go together, and I've seen my friends do it, so I wanted to make a list to help you brainstorm some ideas. So here it is- a list of Saints who were friends, family, or otherwise "go together". You can find all of my All Saints' … [Read more...]

How To Celebrate All Saints’ Day At Home

I know that many parishes aren't having the annual All Saints' Day celebrations that they usually do out of safety concerns, but that doesn't mean you can't have a fun celebration at home! Today I want to share with you all of my best ideas for celebrating All Saints' Day at home. I hope you find these ideas fun for kids, and stress free for mom! Not let's take a look at how to celebrate All … [Read more...]

Angel Arts And Crafts For Kids (Ideas For All Ages!)

Angels are such a fun thing for Christian children of all denominations to learn about! You can find all of my fun angel resources for kids here. Today we are going to look at some angel arts and crafts for kids. Whatever your occasion, I am sure you will find some fun, easy, and replicatable angel ideas here to do with your kids. There are ideas here for all ages and abilities. Some of these … [Read more...]

Advent Saints- December Feasts Days To Celebrate With Kids

There are plenty of feast days to celebrate with Catholic kids during Advent to really enhance your time with your family and turn it towards the true meaning of the season. You can click each day (well, most of them anyway) to go to all of my resources about that feast day. You'll find tons of crafts, activities, printables, and more for celebrating these Advent Saint feast days! I guarantee that … [Read more...]

All Saints’ Day Costume Directory

All Saint's day is right around the corner, and this is a super fun day to celebrate with Catholic kids! Costumes, games, treats... what's not to love? I would consider costumes the most iconic part of celebrating All Saints' Day with kids, and over the years I have written a lot about Saint costumes! So here is a directory to easily navigate all my costume posts. You can find all of my All … [Read more...]

Day Of The Dead Costume For All Saints’ Day – DIY Sugar Skull Makeup

I took this post down because I wasn't sure that it was culturally sensitive. I don't think my particular creation of this costume was very authentic or paying the proper respects to the culture in which it originated. When we know better, we do better.  Since then I have written this article on Celebrating The Day Of The Dead As Catholics that I think takes a much better look at the … [Read more...]

All Saints’ Day Party Ideas for Kids

It's that time of year again, time to plan your All Saints' Day party! I love celebrating All Saints' Day with my kids! It is one of our favorite ways to live liturgically, and we look forward to it every year. I rounded up all of my Saint crafts, food ideas, costume tutorials, printables, and favorite All Saints' Day traditions in one place- this page! So let's take a look at some All Saints' Day … [Read more...]