Psalm Scripture Memory Cards For Catholics (And Songs That Go With Them)

I made a pack of Scripture Memorcy cards that has only verses from the book of Psalms. I specifically chose Psalms that Catholics are already familiar with. All of the artwork on the cards is my own. πŸ™‚

psalms scripture memory for catholics

My hope is that memorizing Scripture we’re already somewhat familiar with as Catholics will build our confidence and lead to further Scripture memorization, which is something I desperately think Catholic need to be stronger in.

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The Psalm cards all have space in the top left corner to allow punching holes just in case you want to put them on a ring. You could also use them in a Scripture memory box like this one.

printable psalm scripture cards

Tips for printing and using these cards:

  • I suggest printing them onto cardstock. There are 5 pages of 4 cards each.
  • If you’re using them in a Scripture memory box, cardstock is just fine. If you want to punch holes and have them on a ring, laminating them first will make them extra durable.

Remember the Scripture memory cards from our prayers and the Mass? They originally cost $2 to download, but now, they’re also available on the subscribers bonus page for free! These sets are the same size and similar style, so they all go together.

Catholic Scripture Memory- Prayers and The Mass

A few things for grown-ups to keep in mind:

  • Catholics and protestants number the Psalms differently, which is why I came out with this set of Scripture memory cards from Psalms especially for Catholics. Keep that in mind before using resources from elsewhere.
  • Some people have very strong opinions about what kind of music does and doesn’t belong in Mass, but I want you to keep in mind that just because you think a certain song or instrument doesn’t belong in Mass doesn’t mean it’s “bad”- it may very well be a great song for other occasions. 

Singing The Psalms

My kids were really excited when I sang the songs that matched the Psalm cards. They were like “I remember that!” and “Ooh! I know that one, Mom!” so for those of you who may not sing, I matched all the Psalm cards to the corresponding song on YouTube. All of the Psalms on these cards are taken from the RSV version of the Catholic Bible. 

 Psalm 23: This is probably the most famous Psalm of all. I actually have 2 cards for this Psalm, and both are in the song below. You may actually want to open a Bible to Psalm 23 while you listen to this song- it has pretty much all of it. (Side note- this girl can sing!)

psalm 23 1 for kids

psalm 23 4 for kids


Psalm 103: Yes, I listen to the Christian radio station on Pandora all the time. My kids love this song, which is why it’s included here.

psalm 103 1 for kids


Psalm 34: The refrain on this song is “The Lord hears the cry of the poor, blessed be the Lord.”

psalm 34 1 for kids

Psalm 22: A Psalm that pretty much every Catholic with ears is going to know.

psalm 22 1 for kids


 Psalm 95: Another well known Psalm among Catholics.

psalm 95 7 for kids

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 Psalm 27: Again, your kids are probably going to recognize this, which is totally the point. πŸ˜‰

psalm 27 1 for kids


 Psalm 91: I love this “Blest Be The Lord” song! Fyi-  but this Psalm is also in the “Eagle’s Wings” song. 

psalm 91 5 for kids

Psalm 34: This one has a lot of variation, but the song I chose below was very familiar to me.

psalm 34 8 for kids

Psalm 145: Another recognizable Psalm.

psalm 145 8 for kids

Psalm 103: Again, my love for Christian music influences the cards! πŸ˜‰ There was also a great song we with this same Psalm with used to sing in Mass at Franciscan University in Steubenville, but I couldn’t find it on YouTube.

psalm 103 12 for kids

Psalm 25: I love this one!

psalm 25 1 for kids

Psalm 84: I hope that some of you share my love for modern Christian music, because here comes another one!

psalm 84 10 for kids

There were a few more Psalms I wanted to post songs for, but YouTube just didn’t have everything.

There are also a few Psalms I included not because I knew them from Catholic songs, but because I knew them from other places:

Psalm 51: When I was reading the book of Psalms to find the ones most Catholics are familiar with, I instantly recognized this one! This is what the priest says when he washes his hands up on the altar. So I included it. πŸ™‚

psalm 51 2 for kids

Psalm 143: The Psalm “Teach me to do thy will, for thou art my God” I also recognized instantly when I read it! It’s listed with a lot of old Catholic prayers (traditionally called “ejaculations”, but in dire need of a new term. We call them “Golden Arrow Prayers” at our house because they’re short and they fly straight up to heaven.) Anywho, it’s in my prayer box dividers on the very front divider for “morning”, so I see it every day. How sad is it that I previously had no knowledge that it was actually a Psalm?

psalm 143 10 for kids

You can find all of my Scripture resources for Catholics here! 

You can find even more bible resources for kids here including free printables, scripture memory resources, the best children’s bibles, and more!


  1. This is great! Forwarding this to my catechists so they can use it with their students πŸ™‚ My goal for this school year in my Faith Formation program is for my students to start to become more familiar with Scripture. This post, as well as your other Scripture posts, is a great place for my catechists to start!

    PS: Yay for the Franciscan shout out! Class of ’13 πŸ™‚

  2. These look great! I was raised Southern Baptist and so memorization of scripture was huge, but I haven’t done as much with my kids as I always thought that I would. This gives me a little extra boost to get started!

  3. Not sure why, but this is the only page on your web site that will not show certain graphics on my computer (like samples of the cards). πŸ™ cant see the samples.

  4. Genevieve says

    These are wonderful!! I’ve been wanting to start memorizing Scripture with our kiddos, and your Scripture box system and selection of verses is perfect! I was just wondering if you have them in the NRSV version, which is what we read as a family. I think I could use Adobe to tweak the text if it’s a pdf, but thought I’d ask in case you already have it available.