Psalm Scripture Memory Cards For Catholics (And Songs That Go With Them)

I made a pack of Scripture Memorcy cards that has only verses from the book of Psalms. I specifically chose Psalms that Catholics are already familiar with. All of the artwork on the cards is my own. :-) My hope is that memorizing Scripture we're already somewhat familiar with as Catholics will build our confidence and lead to further Scripture memorization, which is something I desperately … [Read more...]

Scripture Resources For Catholic Kids

Catholics have more books in our Bible than the protestants, more chapters in some of our other books, and we number the Psalms differently than them as well- not to even mention different translations! Given the many differences between our Scripture and theirs, I started to become frustrated at not being able to use a lot of their resources, so I started creating Catholic ones. Catholics, let's … [Read more...]

Scripture Memory Cards For Catholics- Printable

Last week, I introduced you all to the Scripture Memory system we're starting to use. It's an easy way to get started with scripture memory. Come on, Catholics, we can do this!!! ;-) At first, I thought we were basically starting from scratch. Then I realized that us Catholics know a lot more scripture than we realize we do! So I put together some printable Scripture Memory Cards for … [Read more...]

Scripture Memory For Catholics- How To Get Started

I've always wished I had more Scripture memorized, and I've always thought (in general) that Catholics should memorize more scripture than they do. This is something that reflects in my work here on Catholic Icing, making sure that my resources, such as Catholic ABC's, comes with scripture memory each week. Jesus said to them in reply, "You are misled because you do not know the scriptures or the … [Read more...]

Printable ABC Scripture Cards For Catholics- FREE!

Check Out The Scripture Memorization System That Goes With These I'm very excited to come out with some Catholic scripture card printables, because most of what you find on the internet is by protestants. A lot of their stuff is useful, but their scripture is pulled from protestant translations (such as the King James Version) and their Bibles are missing 7  books. So I'm happy to bring you a … [Read more...]