Scripture Resources For Catholic Kids

Catholics have more books in our Bible than the protestants, more chapters in some of our other books, and we number the Psalms differently than them as well- not to even mention different translations! Given the many differences between our Scripture and theirs, I started to become frustrated at not being able to use a lot of their resources, so I started creating Catholic ones. Catholics, let’s learn some Scripture! 😉

Scripture Memory System- How To Get Started

scripture memory- how to get started

Prayer Box Dividers (that can also work for a Scripture memory box)

prayer box- organize your prayer life

Catholic ABC Scripture Cards- Free!

scripture memory cards for catholic abcs

Catholic Prayers And Mass Scripture Cards- Free!

scripture card ring- printable

Psalms Scripture Cards for Catholics- Free!

psalms scripture memory for catholics

How To Start A Scripture Journal For Kids

scripture jorunal for children

Resources For Memorizing The Catholic Books Of The Bible

catholic books of the bible- the ultimate resource list

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