Printable Stations of the Cross for Children

It’s a great idea to go over the Stations of the Cross with children during Lent. When we find ourselves traveling on Good Friday (to be with family on Easter) I always print a Stations of the Cross booklet to take with us so we can pray them on the drive. You can find out everything you ever needed to know about them at my Stations of the Cross 101 post here. Here are some printable stations of the cross resources for kids!

Printable Stations of the Cross for Kids


I have a new set that is a printable stand-up EASY Stations of the Cross craft. And the best part? The crafted stations stand up, but store flat so you can keep them to use again and again! Get your stations of the cross craft here.

Printable Stations of the Cross

Here is a free printable stations booklet from Catholic Playground.

Printable Stations of the Cross booklet for kids


Here is a free printable Stations of the Cross for Kids booklet from Real Life at Home
that is simple and perfect for younger children. (There are other options that are
in the same post that are good for older children as well.)

Printable Stations of the Cross for Children Free Booklet

Real Life At Home also has this one page Stations of the cross printable.

This is free for subscribers and looks super handy!

Stations of the Cross Single Page Guide
pages, and they’re really beautifully done!
Stations of the Cross Coloring Sheet
These are perfect for sensitive children that you don’t want to display the
actual images in front of. 

Stations of the Cross Printable Cards

St. John’s Church also has their stations coloring sheets available
to print in booklet form with the prayers and songs. (scroll to bottom)

Stations of the Cross Booklet


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I found these lovely stations over on Family in Feast and Feria.
She has a real variety available- print them in black and white, or color,
big, small, in booklet form, or as cards to put on a ring! Isn’t that awesome?!
First Station Booklet
(page example for stations on a ring)

Here’s a Stations of the Cross booklet with very simple words and
illustrations. Perfect for little ones!

Stations of the Cross Booklet for Preschool

I now have a printable version of the Stations of the Cross eggs!

Printable Stations of the Cross Eggs

If your kids or students like word searches, here is a free word search printable set about the Stations of the Cross from Real Life at Home.
Stations of the Cross Word Search Printables

Here are some more Stations of the Cross Coloring Pages. These are from Real Life at Home and are available in your choice of English or Spanish.

Stations of the Cross Coloring Pages Set

More Stations Of The Cross Resources For Kids

Stations of the Cross Montessori Activity

Stations of the Cross Eggs– this is one of my favorites!!!

Stations of the Cross Games

DIY Candle Stations of the Cross

Stations of the Cross Grottos

Stations of the Cross CD For Kids– One of my favorite resources!

You’ll find all of my Lenten resources for kids here
More Lenten Resources for Kids


  1. LittleFlower1220 says

    Lacy, Your ideas for Lent have been featured on our blog site:
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. We used the first Stations you wrote about, and found small objects to represent each one. Last year, my daughter used it as she walked through our church praying the Stations. She keeps it all together in a small little box.

  3. You have a great site!

  4. AMAZING blog, Lacy!

    Thank you so very much, from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful ideas and links ~ My computer isn't able to download fast enough 🙂

    Yours in faith,

  5. Self Taught says

    I love your ideas but being all thumbs when it comes to crafts I can't figure out to assemble this pocket size stations of the cross.
    Yes, I can fold but how do I attach them all together. I was unable to find the link with directions.

  6. Anonymous says

    Hi Debra-

    I couldn't find the Cathechist article either. Here's how I put it together based on their photo:
    1. Cut both pages in half (book cover – Station 3 together, Station 4-7 together, etc.)
    2. Lay out first half of stations in a line. Overlap 1/4 inch paper between Station 3 and 4 and tape. Lay out 2nd half and tape between Station 11 and 12.
    3. Put the 2 strips of paper back to back and tape in several places to hold together.
    4. Fold along the double-sided strip alternating between "mountain" and "valley" folds. The first fold of the book cover/Station 1 is a left-facing, mountain fold. This is opposite how a book would usually open so this may be confusing initially. I approximated my folds midway between the adjoining pictures.
    5. This makes an "accordian-style" booklet when put together. The book cover is on the front and Station 7 is at the back. As you read it, flip it over to read the back side. Hope this is helpful!

    Thanks for your terrific blog Lacy! All your ideas enrich both my CCD teaching and our spirituality at home!! I hope you win the award! 🙂

  7. Thank-you, Anonymous, for your kind help!!! And thank-you, Lacy!!!! This stuff is fabulous 🙂

  8. Anonymous says

    I really like the idea of the pocket accordion fold book of the stations of the cross. I tried to click on the link to, but it says the website is no longer available. Any idea why and if this is so, is there another way I can get a blank copy of this book? Thank you, Teresa

  9. I cannot believe all the wonderful ideas!!! You have inspired my artist that had run dry-and kept my wallet (and my husband) very happy. Thank you-am spreading the word like the crazy mother I am!!!

  10. Bellinghamster says

    I just found your blog and love it! We used the printable stations (the small ones to put on a ring) today in class. I made two sets, and whited out the number and name of the station on the photos. We divided our class into two teams, mixed up the cards and had them put them in order on the floor, and then on a binder ring. Lots of fun!

  11. Thank you – been looking for something to use with my students that are not the old white books. I found some for older students but no one seems to have younger student versions.

    These are great!
    – Lisa

  12. Hi Lacy, thank you so much for the two-page printable Stations of the Cross. I’m a first grade PREP (some Catholics may still call this CCD) teacher and most printables I think are too strong in design for these little ones. These printables are perfect!

  13. God Bless you Lacy I hope that you are blessed with a lot more ideas. I wanted to get your Stations of the Cross and instead of printing them in as a page may I print them in not card so that I may make a small booklet to put it in a lapbook that I’m trying to put together. When I figure how to put everything that I’m making on the internet and be able to put them on the web to be printable I will give all my ideas. I don’t mind at all I will help as many as posible. This is for my kids.

  14. I love your website! I just wanted to add that the updated link to the Stations of the Cross coloring book is:

    • THANK YOU!!! I’m presiding in our Little Church tomorrow with the youngest group ages 3-6 and I really wanted some great visuals for them!!!!! I’m so glad you posted the updated link!!!

  15. Hello, I wanted to use the St.Johns stations for teaching CCD tonight but when I click on any of it google gives me a malware warning saying the site is no good. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks!

  16. Hey – just wanted to note that the link to St. John’s Church is not good. When I click on it my computer says that malware is behind the link – ???

  17. Merica Petrella says

    My grand daughter goes to church with us when ever she is in town. She kept looking at the Stations of the Cross and was asking about them. I did have a rosary card with all the Mysteries and explained to her the Sorrowful Mystery. The Stations for children explains it much better then I can. She is 4.

  18. Charlotte Braddock says


    Thank you so much for adding my little Stations of the Cross booklet to this site. I pray that it brings honor and glory to God. Here is a link to the booklet:


  19. Thank-you so much! I will use the last one with my children on Good Friday. I have 3 children who are adopted and have great attention difficulties. While everyone is very tolerant of them at church, I am concerned that their antics would disturb the solemnity of the Good Friday services, so I really wanted to do something with them at home…and now I can!

  20. because jesus dies and i love my friends and family all together and we shall be forever and ever and the scriptures are written and jesus rest in peace in the story

  21. Just wanted to let you know that the fcpeace link is dead. I know this is an old post, but being Good Friday, I came to see if I could get something to print for my kids.

    • Thanks for the heads up. We’ll remove it. Hopefully you were able to find something to print from one of the other options here.

      Angie, Catholic Icing Project Manager