Stations Of The Cross Burlap Bunting

I have been so inspired by all the burlap buntings I have been seeing on Facebook as a Stations of the Cross display! I think they are a beautiful, easy, and affordable way to display the Stations of the Cross at home. I decided to try making my own, and I wanted to share with you how to make your own diy Stations of the Cross burlap bunting. By the way, you can find all of my Stations of the Cross resources for families here

Displaying the Stations of the Cross in your home has never been more important than now! Let’s take a look at how to put together your own. 

Supplies Needed For DIY Stations Of The Cross Bunting

  • Stations of the Cross printable (available here)
  • Burlap (I found mine on a roll in the craft section of Wal-Mart for about $4)
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Card stock (for printing on)
  • Twine
  • Nails or Command Hooks (for hanging the bunting)
  • Small clothes pins (the Dollar Tree has several sizes. I got the medium sized ones)

Print And Cut Your Stations Of The Cross

You’ll want to print your Stations of the Cross cards on card stock because regular paper is too flimsy and see through. Cut each card out in a square shape. 

Cutting Your Burlap

You will need 16 burlap squares because my Stations of the Cross printable has 2 “endcap” printables to go at the beginning and the end of your bunting. 

Each square of burlap needs to be about 1 inch taller and wider than each of your Stations of the Cross cards. 

You’ll want to cut your burlap outside because it’s a disaster when you cut it. I had some furr helpers since I made mine on the front porch.

Gluing Your Stations Of The Cross

You’ll want to use a glue stick to attach your papers to the burlap. This is not going to last when you store these in the attic over the Summer, but if you use a liquid glue it could wrinkle your papers. You can just reattach next year whatever comes loose in the attic.

Put a good amount of glue stick on the back of each card and press firmly onto your burlap.

Hanging Your Stations Of The Cross Bunting

Start with 2 nails or Command Hooks. You’ll need 2 pieces of twine to run between them- one that is taut and one that hangs down a little.

On the top string, evenly spread out 7 of your cards.

On the bottom string, evenly spread out the last 9 cards. The bottom string will have more space naturally since it dangles a bit. 

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I loved using these medium sized clothes pins! They were the perfect size!

The burlap gives these the perfect rustic feel. 

I can’t get over how beautiful this final Stations of the Cross home display is!

Display Your Stations Of The Cross Page 

There is also a page in my printable pack with a list of all the Stations of the Cross. You can display that page as well!

Get Your Stations Download Here

These printable Stations of the Cross cards and display page is available in my shop for $3. Grab yours and get started crafting now! 

Add Stations Of The Cross To Your Lenten Home Altar

I added this right above my Dollar Tree Lenten home altar. You can see how I built this whole altar for just $10 with supplies from the Dollar Tree! I love this added Stations of the Cross bunting as well.

I can’t decide between displaying this with or without my white window looking thingy. Thoughts?

More Lenten Resources

You can find all of my Stations of the Cross resources for families here, and my Lenten activities for kids here.




  1. Mary Anne Barlow says

    Your display is beautiful. I do prefer it without the window frame. The frame tends to detract from the simple, but lovely lenten display.

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