Bible Craft for the Letter D – Dove with Olive Branch

We are continuing our Bible Alphabet craft series, and this week with my preschoolers, we learned about Noah’s Arc and made a craft of a Doves for the letter D.

dove bible craft for the letter d

Supplies Needed:

  • White (cheap) paper plates
  • White feathers
  • Clothes pins (2 per dove)
  • Googily eyes (2 per dove)
  • Orange marker
  • School glue
  • Hot glue
  • Small Branches OR Brown pipe cleaners and green beads

Because I was doing this with 1 and 2 year olds, I prepped these a little bit. You can adjust for what you think your age group is capable of.

First, color the end of one of your clothes pins orange. This will become the beak. Fold the paper plate in half, and hot glue the 2 clothes pins underneath, one on each side, each with the “pincher” side out. Glue the clothes pins into the crease, then flip them over and kinda pinch the paper plate around the clothes pins. Here’s a picture of underneath the dove.

dove craft from underneath

You absolutely have to have one on each side, or the paper plate won’t balance and your doves will all face plant. This is how far I prepped for my preschoolers. If you have older kids but don’t want to use hot glue, consider glue dots- they rock.

Take this opportunity to write your children’s names under the plates before they get wet with glue. Turn your paper plates over so the clothespins are underneath, and put squiggly lines of school glue down each side. Let the kids go crazy sticking feathers everywhere.

crafting with preschoolers

Put 2 dots of glue on the front of the paper plate (the side with the orange beak) and have the kids stick on the googily eyes. I wish I would have had some bigger ones in my stash! You can also pinch tail feathers into the back clothes pin. Set these aside to dry.

We were going to go on a walk with our preschoolers and let them pick their own “olive brance” for the Dove’s mouth (as we were learning about Noah’s Arc this week) but it was raining. So instead, I gave them each a pipe cleaner and green beads to string on as a branch and leaves. Twist the pipe cleaner on one end to keep the beads from coming off the bottom, let them string their green beads, then twist up the other side as well.

Preschoolers love to string beads onto pipe cleaners!

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stringing beads

Just use the clothes pin to pinch the branch in the dove’s mouth. If your paper plate is having trouble standing up, loop a piece of tape and place it inside at the top of the plate. Pinch it together from the outside.

dove bible craft for preschool

These were super fun! Looking forward to completing our Bible Alphabet crafts. 🙂

paper plate dove craft

The dove is also a common symbol for the Holy Spirit, so this would also be a great Baptism craft, or Pentecost craft- just forgo the olive branch.

You can find all of my Holy Spirit teaching resources for kids here including the gifts of the spirit, the fruits of the spirit, celebrating Pentecost Sunday, dove crafts, and more!

If you’re looking for ways to teach kids about the Noah story, you may want to check out my posts about Christian rainbow crafts for kids here.

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