How To Make A Candy Scapular Dessert

We love to celebrate Our Lady Of Carmel’s feast day in our family! Since her feast day falls on July 16, what better way to celebrate than with ice cream? Celebrating feast days with sweet treats is one of our favorites, and this did not disappoint! It’s super easy to do and I’ll show you exactly how. You can find more fun July feast days to celebrate here. So let’s take a look at exactly how to make a candy scapular dessert. 

Ingredients Needed For Edible Scapular Sundae

  • Hershey’s chocolate bar (the kind with rectangular sections)
  • Tootsie Rolls
  • Ice cream
  • Caramel topping

Start by unwrapping your chocolate bar and carefully breaking it to give you 2 rectangles.

Now hold the tootsie roll in your hand for a few minutes until it warms up. Then unwrap it and carefully use your fingers to roll and shape it into a rope. It will become pliable with the heat of your fingers.

I used just one tootsie roll and cut it in half to make the 2 strings for the scapular. Arrange while the tootsie roll is still warm. It will somewhat harden into its shape when it cools. Use the back side of the chocolate rectangles so it doesn’t have writing on it.

Now have some extra fun by adding it to ice cream! Scoop your ice cream into a small bowl, and cover it in caramel to extra celebrate Our Lady Of “Carmel”.

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If you display it with a scapular, it will seem even more scapular like!

Let the kids enjoy! Mine loved this, but let’s face it… what kid wouldn’t?! And that, my friends, is the point of living the liturgical year at home in a fun way. Kids look FORWARD to the feast days. Isn’t it genius?

With the little kids, we also love to do Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel coloring pages.

I have even more fun ideas for celebrating Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel with kids here. Don’t miss out!
You can find more Saint feast days and fun ways to living the liturgical year in July here.


  1. Caroline Suvares says

    This is so cool and easy! Definitely trying this out with my girls.