Old Testament Notebooking Pages- Free Printable Bible Resources For Kids

We have been continuing on our journey of religious notebooking, and in the last 2 weeks we covered the topics of Noah’s Ark, Abraham, The Promised Land, and Moses (parts 1 and 2)! I have been creating these notebooking pages as a series to go along with the book Tell Me About The Catholic Faith, but you could certainly use these to teach kids about Old Testaments stories whether or not you are reading that book. You can find the entire 130 page pack of matching notebooking pages here

old testament notebooking pages- free and printable

I now have the entire set of notebooking pages complete! The final pack is 130 pages, and you can download yours here.


This Noah’s Ark notebooking page is incompletely open ended! Kids get to draw and write about their favorite part of the story. There is a second page available for pre-writers that has a sentence they can trace.

Download the Noah notebooking page here

noah- free printable notebooking page

Additional Resources:


On this notebooking page, you simple draw or write things you remember from the Abraham story in each star. There is also scripture already on the page.

Download Abraham Bible Notebooking Page Here

Lydia (3rd grade) wrote sentences, Julian (1st grade) wrote words, Violet (Pre-K) colored her stars, and Anabelle (age 2) scribbled on hers.

abraham- printable notebooking pages for kids

My thoughts on pages 16-17: They do a nice job with the story, even though it is told briefly. One pop up box explains that Jews, Christians, and Muslims all call themselves children of Abraham. Another pop up box says “Is God cruel?” and then goes on to explain the reasoning behind God asking Abraham to sacrifice Issac. I love that this books meets these issues head on rather than trying to skirt around them!

Additional Resources:


There are 2 seperate page spreads about Moses. I have 1 notebooking page for each of them. The kids have 4 areas of Moses’ life where they draw a picture, and write a few sentences: Baby in a basket, burning bush, parting of the red sea, and the 10 commandments. You do these pages over 2 separate days. There is an option in the download for littles where they simply trace a sentence rather than writing their own.

Download Moses Notebooking Pages Here

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Remember that the cool thing about notebooking pages is your kids create their own content. I just love seeing them do their own thing!

moses notebooking pages- free to print

My thoughts on pages 18-21: Part of the story says “So Moses worked wonders to convince Pharaoh” which I re-worded to “God worked wonders through Moses to convince Pharaoh” when I read it to my kids. Again, I love the little pop up boxes with brief Historical explanations, such as about ancient Egypt. There’s another box with the 1o Commandments in it, and it’s the Catholic version, whoot!!! 😉

Additional Resources: *Heads up!* Protestants and Catholics number the 10 Commandments differently, so you may want to make sure and seek out Catholic resources if you’re having your kids memorize them. 

  • Watch the Prince of Egypt movie- I highly suggest this movie for kids! My kids love it, and they know almost every aspect of the Moses story from it. It’s fairly accurate, and there’s only one joke I don’t care for where Moses’ brother is looking up his skirt thing. Why do they feel the need to add that stuff? Anywho, for anyone with Netflix, it’s available through instant streaming.
  • Moses Coloring Pages– this pack is available for free through my friend Lauren at Mama’s Learning Corner. All of the coloring pages have matching scripture and handwriting practice. Great for little ones!
  • Sing “Pharaoh Pharaoh”- I used to love this song as a kid! Here’s the song on YouTube. I couldn’t find exactly the hand motions we used to do, but here is a video with similar hand motions.
  • Moses wave in a bottle craft
  • Burning bush craft

The Promised Land

On this page, kids simply draw or write things that grew in the promised land, and precious cargo that the camels carried. The cool thing about doing the notebooking pages is the kids crouch over the book, really studying the page, trying to figure out what all grew there. It’s so great to be adding resources like this rather than simply reading through the book- they get so much more out of it this way. 🙂

Download The Promised Land Notebooking Page Here

promised land bible notebooking page

The Pack Is Now Ready For Download!!!

Edited to say- the whole pack of these notebooking pages is now complete, and you can get your set here!


That’s all for today, folks! You can find all the links to this series here.

free catholic notebooking pages- tell me about the catholic faith

You can find even more bible resources for kids here including free printables, scripture memory resources, the best children’s bibles, and more!


  1. Thanks for the notebooking pages! I have ordered the book and I am looking forward to doing this with my daughter. I was unable to download the Creation and Moses pages. I was given a “you don’t have permission” error when trying to access.

    Thanks for all you do!

    • Ugh! I’ve been having some trouble with my site that I’m hoping to get worked out this month. I fixed them. 🙂

  2. Melissa McGuire says

    Hi Lacy! I just wanted to share that the Bible Action Songs CD is now available for free streaming for Amazon Prime member through Prime Music!