Printable Peg Dolls- Just Paint The Head And Decoupage The Rest!

I have wanted a set of Catholic peg Saints pretty much since I first saw them somewhere around 5 years ago. However, there were 2 really big deterrents that stood in my way: Buying hand-painted peg dolls is really expensive. Painting wooden peg dolls myself is extremely time-consuming. But now, I invented a secret option number 3 for you guys... Printable Saint peg … [Read more...]

How To Craft A Wooden Monstrance For Catholic Kids

Find all of my Mass crafts and activities for kids here. I’m continuing my series, showing you how to make a Mass kit for kids piece by piece. Today, I’m going to show you how to easily craft a sturdy wooden monstrance. You can find the navigation page of how to make all the Mass kit pieces for kids here. Supplies Needed:  Wooden candle stick holder (available at craft … [Read more...]

Craft A Mass Kit For Kids- Cheap!

Find all of my Mass crafts and activities for kids here. This is my navigation page for crafting your very own Mass kit! Below, you can find all the links on how to craft the individual pieces. They are all complete with picture tutorials. Most of the pieces are made from wood or plastic. All of the items used are easily found at craft and dollar stores, plus gold spray paint! Mass kits … [Read more...]

Write A First Communion Poem- Printable Template Available!

Find all of my First Communion Resources Here As Lydia prepares for her First Holy Communion this Saturday, I wanted to do a few personal things for her to keep in her First Communion Journal, and I decided it would be so sweet if she could write a Eucharistic poem! We went with a haiku to make it short and simple. A haiku poem is a traditional Japanese poem. The basic "rules" are that … [Read more...]

True Presence In The Eucharist- Printable Craft For Catholic Kids

We're still working on our First Holy Communion preparation at home with Lydia, and we're planning a field trip to adoration. We've been learning about the true presence in the Eucharist, and this craft was such a fun way to drive that point home! This is a great craft for kids preparing for First Communion. (You can find all of my resources for preparing for First Communion here.) Now, … [Read more...]

Monstrance Craft for Catholic Kids

Find all of my First Communion Resources for Kids here. When my older class at Catholic Schoolhouse made the host and chalice craft, my younger class made these handprint Monstrance crafts. They came out so cute! This would be a great craft for First Communion. Supplies Needed for Monstrance Craft: 1/2 piece of poster board pencil yellow crayon or marker washable yellow … [Read more...]

Craft for Catholic Kids – Make a Monstrance!

Check out all of my First Communion Resources for Kids here. April is the month dedicated to the Holy Eucharist! We've been learning about the mass and Eucharist around here, plus I've been teaching my kids about adoration, so this is perfect for us! :-) My daughter has been pretty fascinated by monstrances ever since "M" week around here, so we recently crafted these monstrances. What … [Read more...]

Nun Craft – Paper Bag Puppets

Catholic ABC's Week: 19 Letter of the week: N Theme: Nun Saint of the Week: St. Nicholas Craft: Paper Bag Nun Puppets *The complete patters for these is now available in my Saint Puppet Ebook! Check it out here. Materials needed to complete this craft: Paper lunch bags Assorted construction paper Glue Googly eyes Manila File Folder Scissors Assorted supplies for … [Read more...]

Craft a Monstrance with a Gold Doily

Check out all of my First Communion Resources for Kids here. Catholic ABC's Week: 18 Letter of the week: M Theme: Monstrance Saint of the Week: Mother Teresa Craft: Monstrance Craft Supplies needed to complete this craft: Gold Doilies (Available in the cake decorating section of your local craft store. I got a package of 12 for about $2.50) Gold Paper (I bought just one sheet … [Read more...]

St. Clare Doll and Monstrance Crafts

St. Clare's feast day is coming up on August 11. She had such a devotion to the blessed sacrament that her symbol is the monstrance, so I've included monstrance crafts and snacks as well. Of course, a monstrance craft would also be great for Corpus Christi, or a generic Catholic craft for any time! :-) I love this little St. Clare doll made by Joyfilled Family! No advanced skills necessary, and … [Read more...]