Juan Diego and Our Lady of Guadalupe Crafts and Feast Day Ideas

The feast of San Juan Diego is December 9, and the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe is December 12. Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared to San Juan Diego many times. She gave him roses as a miracle when there were none in bloom and he carried them in his tilma. When he opened his tilma, Our Lady of Guadalupe’s image was left behind! Such a great story for kids! Now here are some ways you can celebrate these upcoming feast days with your kids.

How cute are these Sombrero Cookies from Family Fun?


Paper Dali has a Printable Our Lady of Guadalupe,
and a Juan Diego Paper Doll – tilma included! 😉


Famila Catolica made liturgical folders with the printables
from Paper Dali and has printables of her own in Spanish!
(What a great time to throw in some Spanish!)


Find this great Juan Diego coloring page for free
from Relevant Radio.


Our Little Catholic Corner made this craft for the
Assumption, but she says it would make a great
Craft for Our Lady of Guadalupe and I think she’s right!


Request paper bags the next time you shop in preparation
for paper bag tilmas! Find directions from Domestic Church.
The picture is from Bountiful Blessings. They also made cookies!

I LOVE this Juan Diego movie from CCC.
We will be watching it on his feast day!

Don’t miss my post on Our Lady of Guadalupe from last year. Also, Homeschool Goodies is having an Our Lady of Guadalupe Link Up starting on St. Nicholas Day. I’ll be linking! Happy celebrating everyone!


  1. Xhonane Olivas says:

    I liked those sombrero cookies!! Thanks for sharing! and thanks for the link! 🙂

  2. funny….I just post a new post for OUr lady of Guadalupe. You are quick!

  3. You know how I love those paper bag tilmas, but those little sombrero cookies just might be on my dessert menu!

  4. Hi! I'm hooking up (finally) with Homeschool Goodies! Thought I'd stop in and see what you did to celebrate these feast days. Love your ideas and the ideas you shared. God bless!

    • matilda alizeraga says:

      I agree with patty she give a great comment but a little confusing love you god wish to be safe of sickness but not i am just here sitting .Finding what to do but now i know I don’t work for noting.Saying good bey to my world

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